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    I've read several posts today that indicate mom's treating or trying to find treatment for their children for the same DD. Can our children also be affected by this DD genetically?

    I mean, this DD does not run in my family but I have never met my real father and I'm wondering if I should try to find him and find out, "WAZ UP."

    What do you all think? Any advice?
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    WHAT YOUR DOCTOR MAY NOT TELL YOU ABOUT FIBROMYALGIA Dr. St Amand feels that fm runs in families. I do believe this I never knew my grandmother, but my mother said she was always sick & had to have a girl come in to do housework. This is the Kicker tho SHE WAS WELL ENOUGH TO GO BERRY PICKING when ever she wanted.. Even back then fm was so misunderstood. Also my mother had it atho no one Knew. Now looking back I see so many similar health problems. So that's is how I feel. Any one else ????
    LOL, Day
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    CFS has been connected to some genetic disorders like Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome (a connective tissue disorder which I happen to have). Although I read that the Genetic Biomarker study found markers in genes, but it DID NOT mean that it is hereditary. Another article I read (I think it may be in the library here) talkes about Chromosome 22 and how CFS patients are found to have Abherrant RNA fragments . . . somehow related to Chromosome 22 in their blood. Also, other things like dysautonomia (blood pressure, pulse issues, fainting) associated with CFS are genetic. Hope this helps . . . Terri
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    I have suffered in pain for over 20 years. We blamed the back pain on an accident that I had when I was 19.Had surgery but still in pain all over. I chose to be quiet and just deal with it because my mom was so sick that I needed to help her. Well, after all these years I find out about FM and am diagnosed and when I asked my mom about it she said that she had been diagnosed many,many years ago but the doctor told her nothing she scould do about it and she had several other problems they needed to deal with. Well, alot of my moms problems are FM related and at least now she doesnt feel as though she is going crazy(or had alsheimers).....So, yes I do believe the heridiary thing.My problem is that I have 5 children and I just grieve in my heart that one of them may have to experience what I go through each day. So very sad.....anyhow, that was my 2 cents.......Kathleen
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    Had Fibro and luckily she had help raising her kids. Unfortunately she had migraines like me and she was an alcoholic to escape the pain, both from the headaches and the fibro. I remember going grocery shopping and she had to have the cart to lean on. I was really upset by her when I was little because I was a really boisterous kid, really into everything and my sister was quiet and polite, really a good girl and she really disciplined me and was sooo nice to my sister. My grandma really preferred to be with my sister and tried not to be too obvious about it but still hurt my feelings but now I really understand. Fortunately my sister and mother do not have fibro or even migraines but I don't know that I want kids because fibro is hereditary as far as I know but so are migraines and I have a MAJOR problem with those and my husband has had only two, but he has had them and that really increases the risk of your kids having them. Migraines suck!
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    Probably my grandmother too; I have FMS and CFIDS; and both my daughters have FMS, one with interstitial cystitis and vulvadynia. No doubt in my mind that there is a genetic connection.

    Love, Mikie
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    and I think her mother did also. I remember my Granny well, and now that I have this diagnosis, my mom does, and my cousin (on my mom's side), I believe my Granny had it too. I can remember the pain that wonderful woman was always in, from when I was a child, and she never stopped giving. Makes me smile, and tugs at my heart a little, to know she was in pain and didn't know why, but she wouldn't ever hesitate to do something for me when I was young.

    My mom's doctor said it *tends to run in families*.

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    my Grandmother, my Mother, and my daughter all had/have it, and of course, me. I think back in my Grandma's time they called it either neuritis or fibrocitis, can't remember. But, I most definitely believe that it is genetic.

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    Rheumatitis. I remember a lot of older people complaining about this when I was a child.

    Love, Mikie
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    My mother, healthy as a horse all her life, suddenly fell ill when she was 47 (sound familiar?). She saw a physician, then was admitted to a hospital, and dxed with lung cancer, although a biopsy couldn't be accomplished (went into cardiac arrest, died on the table, and resucitated) was dead at 48 from complications of chemotheraphy. No signs of Cancer in autopsy. The symptoms she initially went to the doctor for?---all were typical FM. My sister has CFS, but won't admit to having FM, although she has all the signs. I have CFS,FM, MCS, fell ill at 44. My 24 year old son has TMJ, migraines, and MCS, had terrible "growing pains", my 12 yr. old has orthostatic posterial hypotension, TMJ, fatigue, and typical FM pain, and temperature regulation problems.
    My 23 year old daughter is headed down the path I went with chronic kidney infections (hers started at 4yrs., mine at 13) She has hypotension, blood sugar probs, and indications of impending full blown CFS---
    My 15 yr. old son, has joint and muscle probs----
    To top this off, my husband has recently devulged to me, that he is having fatigue (cement block syndrome on arms and legs) and pains that come and go--mostly through shoulders, neck, and chest. I think this is all, more than one should have to handle....where is the help????
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    I believe it is genetic, because my mother had all the symptoms I am having with CFS/FMS - but, of course, never was diagnosed in her days. I still feel sad that she had so little support and everybody thought that she 'lost' it and wanted to sleep and did not want to get up because she was lazy. Before I was diagnosed, I told my family doctor (that was many years ago) that I am just like my mother, sleeping my life away. That was just the beginning.....
    And I only remember my father having sinus infections, allergy problems, sinus operation etc.
    Talking about bad genes, here we have it.
    Take care, Lucky
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