Genova Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis

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  1. frankielee

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    If anyone who has taken the Genova Comprhensive Digestive Stool Analysis, did you do the random test or the purge/random test (you take a laxative before you do the test). I was wondering which one is most accurate? or does it matter?
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    Unless one is looking for parasites and sometimes specific infections or blood, these tests do not tell you much. There are so many germ populations that come and go, even on a daily basis, in our intestinal track. Some germs have not even been identified as of this date.

    I am assuming this test is the one that is a bit different than the standard stool test. There may be a few other things the standard tests can tell you.

    If this is the one used by alternative doctors, it is just a waste of money. The ones by conventional doctors are usually covered by insurance. If the other's are not, there is a reason why.


    ETA How do you get a stool sample if you have purged?[This Message was Edited on 07/08/2009]
  3. frankielee

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    So I guess no one has had this test done? If you have had this test, is it a waste of money?

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