genova methylation snp test question (alt. to pfeiffer?)

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    hey I took the detox profile now I am considering taking the one that show specifically whther a methylation block and what your snps are.
    does anyone know if the results of this would tell me some of the supplements i can and can't tolerate, should and shouldnt have? I am wondering if it would be an alternative to the tesgts pfeiffer center does, both ways can be expensive and i dont want to duplicate tests.
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    Hi, Simone.

    I'm not sure which test you mean.

    The Vitamin Diagnostics methylation panel will tell you whether you have a partial block in your methylation cycle and/or depletion of glutathione. This panel costs $300. If you have a methylation cycle block, treatment to lift this block is likely to help you. If you use the simplified tretment approach (5 supplements, same for everyone) it is relatively simple and inexpensive (less than $3.00 per day).

    Amy Yasko's Comprehensive Methylation Panel with Methylation Pathway Analysis will determine which SNPs you have related to the methylation cycle and associated pathways. It won't tell you whether you have a methylation cycle block or glutathione depletion, but if you have CFS, and you have several of the SNPs on this panel, it can be inferred that you have a methylation cycle block. This panel costs $625. It is most useful if you plan to use the full Yasko treatment program, which involves additional testing and a large number of supplements. It is considerably more expensive and more complicated than the simplified treatment approach, but the treatment can be tailored to your particular set of SNPs, and this may be advantageous in the long run.

    There are people who are trying each of these approaches, and some who are trying some combination of them. I don't think we have a straightforward way to compare the results at this point. Recovery seems to take quite a while on both of them, but they both seem to work, at least for most people with CFS. The simplified treatment approach helps about two thirds of the people who try it. Either way you go, my position is that it's necessary to work with a doctor while on these treatments, because, even though they involve only food supplements, some people have experienced adverse effects while on them.

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    hmmmm I am not sure which one
    it is GD lab, the requisition form has choices like cardiogenomic profile and detoxigenomic profile etc the doc gave me the kit, but i would take it back in and they would draw blood if i do it, i thought she said it was like 495$ and would tell us snps and whether a methylation block, she hasnt done this with anyone else but when i saw her last week she found this in her closet and apparently ordered it last year as a followup to the genova diagnostics detox comprehensive profile i did (which i dont think shows snps) . we also did do an amino acid test on me that i could order custom made aminos if i wanted to but i didnt follow thru ordering the blend due to skepticism since a lot of aminos make me feel gross.
    she said this new test would tell us whtehr i need i.e.specific b vitamins where the first detox profile was more general talking about my problem in phase 2 etc

    anyway, i would like to work with someone/doc who can also figure out, order testing etc to see whether i have issues with porphyrias and if that could explain why i am not tolerating well supplements for methylation problems nor cell signalling factors etc
    do you or others know if these sorts of test at genova would address any of that?
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