GENTLE Detox using only Foods

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by msSusan, Apr 11, 2009.

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    I have been dealing with 24/7 non-migraine headaches (2yrs) and
    fibro. muscle pain (9 yrs) without much relief. I have tried many different types of meds, supps. and therapy's most of which I could not tolerate or made me feel worse.

    I have eliminated wheat/gluten, eggs, corn, soy, nuts and most sugars/alcohol and feel slightly better but still achy everyday. I have tried the low oxalic acid diet but it was hard to stick to. I have also have tried food rotating and combining technique.

    My headaches don't seem to be effected by food intolerance's but possibly trigger points/herniated disk in neck. Doc's think it they are just part of fibro.

    I do not detox well (get very achy with probiotics, liver supps, digestive enzymes) so I am looking for ideas on foods that would help me detox GENTLY.

  2. xchocoholic

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    I had to do this since my digestive tract was such a mess. I started out with a tbsp of dairy Kefir (potent natural probiotic) once a day then gradually increased it. I know I'm intolerant of all dairy now so buy coconut kefir, but you can make your own. Recipes and instructions are on the web.

    As far as digestive enzymes go, have you tried going to the source of most enzymes ? Fresh pineapple, mango and papaya. I ate papaya every day for the first year and only use it now when I feel like I'm not digesting well. I can now handle pineapple and mango too but they were too acidic in the beginning ...

    Did you look at the message board for the low oxalate diet ? I learned from there that if we take calcium citrate 30 minutes prior to eating foods with oxalates that the calcium will bind with the oxalates in the gut. That doesn't mean someone with a serious oxalate problem can eat all the oxalates they want but it appears to be helping ...

    HTH .. Marcia

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