George Carlin Word Game

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    Hi Kids

    Here's a game I just read about. Attributed to comedian George Carlin.
    Think of a sentence that in all probability no one ever said before. And
    here's George's example.

    "Toss a couple of those anchors over here, I've got room for a few more in my

    Actually that's two sentences so I think we can modify the rules and allow two
    sentences if you think it necessary. BTW I looked on the net. Could not find
    any verification that George actually came up with this idea. Here
    are a few possibilities.

    Did you hear the LA Lakers just signed Danny DiVito as their new center?

    The Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles has announced that the sun will be
    closed tomorrow from noon til four PM.

    The late Julia Child left behind a recently discovered recipe that was never
    included in any of her books: beef bourguignon served on a bed of angel food

    Bon Appetit

  2. Mikie

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    This just in: The Kardashians have decided to name the next baby a normal child name.

    Love, Mikie
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    My grandson's name is Anderson but we call him, Andy. I think more people are giving grandsons family names for their first or middle names. Biblical names have been popular for boys now for a few years. Girls seem to be named with old fashioned names now. It's funny but one can pretty much name the decades people are born just from their names. In our neighborhood, where most are close to my age, we have three Connies, three Nancies and two Carols that I know of. We have to provide a suffix to their names to keep them apart. Oy!!!

    OK, more news flashes:

    Teenagers have grown tired of their electronic connections and are giving up their cell phones.

    Snowboarders are giving up their snowboards in favor of skis.

    Older parents are throwing out the welcome mats for their 30-, 40- and 50-year-old children who are jobless, most stating that they would rather stay home doing their kids' laundry than taking cruises.

    Santa has decided to retire and stop delivering gifts at Christmas.

    Congress has been smitten with feelings of kindness and are reaching across the aisles to hold hands and sing peaceful folk songs.

    Retail businesses have decided to stop rushing the season and will only have sales the two weeks before Christmas.

    Starbucks has rolled back the price of their coffee to $1 a cup.

    Apple has decided to stop rolling out new devices every few months to put an end to profiting from obsolete products and techies' obsession with having the latest. Die-hard techies no longer know what to do with the extra hours not spent living on the sidewalk, waiting in line outside Apple's stores.

    OK, gotta go. I'll be back if I can think of more.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie, your posts are just terrible. (Example of a sentence nobody has
    ever said.) Ha Ha. Here are some more.

    An old newspaper clipping from a former Los Angeles newspaper reports
    that Ester Williams had to be rescued from the wading pool at the
    Effervescent Springs Country Club.

    The Mocambo Night Club in West Hollywood has announced a Hoedown
    for next Saturday night. Jeans and cowboy boots are de rigueur with
    a special menu to include chili, bacon and biscuits.

    The LA Zoo's new exhibit will include several specimens that were
    previously thought to be extinct: a beatnik, a hippie, two
    Valley girls, a hobo, and a Pony Express Rider.


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    Ha! Ha! Good one!

    All I know is this old hippie no longer resembles the one I was in my 20's; however, the love of peace and the desire to smoke weed are still near and dear to my heart.

    More headlines:

    The NFL has decided that the game is too violent so they will broadcast only touch football from now on.

    The NRA has called for gun control laws.

    Wall Street and big banking have called for more oversight in their business dealings.

    "The More You Know"

    Love, Mikie
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    Is that you, Mikie? Somewhere?

    I went to a hippie wedding about half a century ago. It was in an
    avocado grove. The bride's father owned the property. The wedding
    was where the living room of the new house would be. The groom
    said he figured he was standing in the fireplace. Fun times.

    Loved your headlines.