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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by morningsonshine, Dec 4, 2006.

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    Okay, i just wanted to see how many names i could actually fit into the title!!

    I really have alot to take care of today, Someone gave me a bad check $50 for avon! GRRR! One of my kids teacher of all things!

    I really hate to confront people about things, i know it will really embarass her, plus i got charged $5.oo, so i'll need that too. And on top of all that, i already wrote out a check for my credit card payment, so now MY check might bounce!!!! I do not make any money with avon, and can't afford to have bounced checks.

    So i can't play right know, gotta go call my bank and see what i can do. My bank is in another town, so it's not like i can just easily run in and transfer some money to my account. I'm going to see if i can use my paypal account to cover this??? Hope so! And hope my check hasn't gone thur yet!

    Plus we are suppose to met with our friend, a pastor, for some prayer today.

    Knitting buddy is out to lunch!LOL,

    My kids all want slipper now!

    Will catch up with you all later! Not done yet with that other post, and all those Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad cows!
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    I love eggnog, and my kitty is got baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad gas too!! Maybe it's a kitty thing?? Everytime you pick him up, Phewwy!!

    Fight, you are going to be responsible when (if) i get sent to the nut house. I just made some coffee with too much water, and it was bad coffee.

    I found myself standing at the counter sipping it and saying out loud, "BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAd, Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, coffee!!!LOL

    Well i still haven't confronted teacher about the baaad check yet, today, after school i'll call her.
    I did manage to get my own check covered, (hopefully) without making a trip to that town.

    But it did take up most of my morning and was a bit stressful.

    The goat is Clementine, you know, "Oh-my darling, Oh-my darling Clementine, you were lost and forgotten....."

    Ursala is bigger than the goat, she won't take up too much space!

    I hope you and Ursala feel better soon, Elis, and Fight's infection clears up.
    Drink lots of water!!

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    Bickery, Lickery, Lock

    Fight would like to Clock
    all the dickery people
    who don't know how to stop
    there, picky, licky, bickering! POP!

    Georgie, & porgie Ursala
    Have abit of gasalot
    they lite a match and blew a flame,
    all across Earthala.
    We all cried for mersala!

    "There coming to take me away!! Ha ha, HA ha!
    There coming! there coming, to take me awwwwaaaaaaaaaaay!
    Ha ha!!"

    I think i missed the whole "full moon" thingy!

    Are you feeling better now GeorgiaC???

    Smile it's me!!
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    Misty Pisty couldn't fly
    she rode her horse to the sky!

    Jumped over the stars
    and kissed the moon
    said, "i'll be tared and, feathered
    if i wet the bed!"

    Hope i at least made you smile today! :)

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    atleast i can't. too much lifting a nd the pain ouch!

    well nothing new accept i dropped off a jacket to my male friend that just entered rehab for alcohol yesterday. he may be in there for about 6 months-1 year. it was kinda of sad to see him.

    he had left the coat last friday at the bar we were at. anyways. i thought he could use. it is a nice warm hoodie jacket(sweatshirt). i could tell he was a little scared.

    one of the residence found him for me so i could give it to him. the man said that i was allowed to stay and eat dinner w/him. i told him he checked in yesterday so i don't want to put any pressure on him.

    so jessie came out he was standing on wheel chair ramp and he is already 6ft tall. so i told him sweetly i have this jacket for him that he left on friday and thought he may want to use this. then i asked him if i was making him feel uncomfortable. he said yes, a little i just don't know if i am allowed to have anyone here. i said don't want to put any pressure on him. and gave him a nice little hug and said i will see you later.

    i also gave him a quick note w/my numbers in case he needs a friend or help w/anything. i just didn't know if he thought to pack my number or not. well the ball is in his court.
    he will call if he needs to talk or a break. etc.

    thanks for letting me vent. it just made feel like such a mother to a scared little boy inside him. but that is what all counselors are there for.

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    Georgia! You deleted your sweet little verse, i liked it!
    So how is your home and hearth today.

    Fight, you keep trying! I will pray God will make an opening for you. There's some place special just for you.

    What would be your top 2 or 3 reasons for not wanting to move??
    Besides the obvious one for us, the huge energy expenditure that puts us in flare.

    My husband really needs a social worker to work with him, but our county won't hire one for the lower end of our county where he works as a deputy.

    Jodie, that was nice of you to do that, he might have been abit uncomfortable, but, i bet after you left, he liked it.

    I have to go do our large grocery shopping trip today! Think of me, talk to you all later.

  7. 69mach1

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    but i think i am getting over it. i saw my friend that is going thru alcohol rehab. he was outside smoking near the street i was driving by. so i pulled into the parking lot where he was talking to a few other men.

    i got out of my car. he said what are doing here you can't be here rightnow. i said i am sorry i saw you out there by the road as i was getting ready to go see a friend of mine. true story there. just happens to be the access road to her house.

    so anyways. i told him i left a message w/his brother that if you need anything some food or whatever i will be happy to help out. he said no the food is good there. i said well i am going to get in my car and leave now. call me if you need anything. he said ok.

    i felt like i big idiot. he was in a meeting. but i guess it was break time.

    oh my god i will not do that again.

  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    then i was hoping crap i don't want him to think i am stalking him. i used to live down the street from the place jesse is staying at. so my ex and i would frquently see these men outside at the corner store across from the rehab place.

    i thought i was just trying to do something nice and if he had a minute then fine. if he did not that was cool.

    i guess i just better wait for him to call sometime when he has head on a little better.

    i know he has classes etc.

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    She couldn't resist! I'm the same way if there's any kind of dessert in the house - it beckons to me - LOUDLY! I hope sweetie Urse feels better soon.

    Fight, when I'm shopping, I'm still never sure if someone is talking to me when they're close by, especially if their cell is tiny.

    And Jodie, that's a really difficult situation to figure - wanting to be supportive, but not intrude on your friend. I think it was great you offered your help and friendship.
    He must be really edgy and anxious though, if he's going through withdrawal.

    Hangin, what are you cooking up for Christmas? I bet some really great stuff! I love all the fragrances of baking, roasting, etc. They really are so comforting.

    Misty, hi, dear Middle-Earth dweller. How are your elven slippers feeling? Can you walk on *now yet?

    Eliz., I'm really proud of how my husband is handling things, as we go through this time. Just had another talk, going over figures.

    But he will never be bored staying home. He is a dedicated artist - always pushing through everything to get to his painting. It's his great passion and love in life. Also, one of the most enjoyable parts of our relationship. We talk over all his work - I love it that I can give him really good feedback, and we're constantly talking of all the doings in the art world.

    Where are the craft sales? Your work is so superb, and you love it so much, that's a really good direction to go.

    (((HUGS TO ALL)))
  10. 69mach1

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    thank you for your support on my feeling like a ninny.

    i now it is difficult for him, but i will back off for sure. i guess when i saw him outside byt he road in the parking lot. it would be ok to stop by. i had in my mind oh what if he see's my drive by. and then had the feeling of guilt if i didn't stop by to say hi.

    well i am not going to call him or stop by anymore even if he is waving his hand hello.

    he needs to take car of him self and not worry about me. well i also hope i don't remind him of his drinking days either. but it is what it is.

    i have to start doing some more homework.

    i was invited to go out on saturday night to an event w/ this older man and my friend...but i can not go because of cody's game. i could've dressed up in my holiday attire.

    but instead i will be sittting in the rain instead. hopefully they will win.

  11. windblade

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    Well, I never got to mention, but before the movie, Happy Feet, came out, I kept hearing Robin William's voice from back out in the woods. It turned out to be one of our pengy's who learned to imitate him PERFECTLY!

    So, moviegoers don't realize that it's not Robin Williams doing the pengy voice, but the other way around!

    Eliz., I'm so sorry that you turned into a hairless wart hog! *amilies can do that - now we need to find a spell to turn you back. I think I remember one from a Harry Potter class.

  12. windblade

    windblade Active Member

    Just wanted to say that I think it's so beautiful that you go to so many of Cody's games - you're such a good Mom!
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    Well, i'm very sleepy tired today, but i have read all the post.

    Windblade, so glad your back with us! I hope your hubby will be able to semi-retire and you both will have what you

    I'm going to start a new pair of slippers today for my son, lime green, his chose.

    Has any else notice there feet get bigger as you get older??
    I use to be a 6 1/2 and now i'm a 7 1/2??? Weird!

    I know i changed the subject, sorry, we were talking about naked mole rats?? LOL

    I showed your picture to the kids Fight, they loved it!

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    That's good to hear, hope Ursala follows soon and feels better. Stress can really do a number on us!!

    I felt really unwell last night, and today very tired, i think it was all the crappy food i ate yesterday, when we were shopping out of town, and not enough water.

    I had a hardee's biscuit breakfast, which i love, but i bet it's full of awfull stuff, and i drank a large cup of coffee on the way home, and then snacked on the junk food, instead of making supper! I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaad!!

    I stopped at the Woolen Mills store and grabbed some yarn. I'm not ready yet to use my pretty royal purple.

    I looked at some ebay prices for hand knitted shawls, but they are either really low or really high priced. Is there somewhere you know, who makes something similar, and you can kinda compare prices with??

  15. windblade

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    In bed with CFS flu all day.
  16. 69mach1

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    i am cold, wet and wondering if i need to go to L.A. next weekend. i'll find out tomarrow sometime.

    jodie or is it monday?
  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    anyone else i may have forgotton. i have a ton of homework this weekend. i have bocab test on tuesday. i haven't done my cards or read the chapter yet. then i have two days homework due on monday for math. and also a math test this week. i really don't like math much. then finals next week on the 20 and the 21st.

    and cody's team gets picked to go to l.a. for the state championship that will take up my weekend. oh my!

    i am trying to get my friend out of my head that checked into rehab on tuesday this past two weeks. i haven't heard from him. i just wonder how he is holding up. and i just want him to know he is a friend first always. my heart goes out to him. i guess it thought of my birthday wish is now. i wish he gets sober and we stay friends. i don't need to drink anything every i can take it or leave it.

    well gonna try to get focused on my homework.

    love you all.

  18. 69mach1

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    i'll be a young 42. when is your b-day?

    i am still bumming about my friend in rehab. i am happy for him to get the therapy he needs/wants. but bummed i may have him thinking i am some psycho. that is what my lil sister said. he probably thinks i am some stalking psycho.

    so anywho, cody's b-day is 12/21...i have all of this homework. and i need my mind to quit thinking about my friend. or i thought were still friends. i have not heard from him. and i don't want to call him. i want him to call me first. i know one of the residents stated i can come eat dinner w/him at 6:15. but after feeling like a ninny the other night. i don't want to pop up and surprise him. he may just need sometime and therapy for awhile.

    this city i live in is too small to never see him again. even if i don't ever hear from him again.

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    I'm going to lay low today. I'm wiped. No church for me today. The kids are in a X-mas play, and yesterday i took them to there practice, and i was being asked to get involved.
    YIKS!!! It is very tiring just to take them, my husband can take them today.
  20. 69mach1

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    sorry you are feeling wiped out. so i am. i wished had some sunshine out right now. i have friend that is bummed she text message her exhb to be. she said some song came on the radio that reminded her of him. he cheated on her. well she just said "HI".

    now she is beating herself up like i have been.

    wel she just called me and said she needs a hug. wanted me to meet her for sunday football and a beer. it is just around the corner from where i live. i just have been up and down both pysically and emotionally.

    i feel like crawling under a rock or go away. but i can't i have school. then surgery end of the month.

    well i hope take of yourself and enjoy the kids play. this time of year is so stressful for most people, i believe.