georgiac, Here's my "mountain" greatgrandmother

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    I had to post the picture of my great-grandma Carey in my profile - she lived in the Sequoias in CA out of the Porterville area.

    Despite her appearance (she was very petite), she was a good horseback rider and could chop wood. My great-great grandfather, her father, had 12 girls, so all the girls learned to manage the ranch. What a life!
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    I love old photos and am trying to do genealogy with pictures included from what I can gather. So far, I'm back to the 1500's with some of my Mother's family (not pictures of course). It's a lot of fun.

    Also am trying to make family albums for posterity ...

    Going to bed now, am finally getting tired enough - have to be up at 6 A to get ready for work.

    Good night all. I enjoyed all the postings very much. See you tomorrow!

    L, Jeannette