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  1. tammis

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    Hello,Do any of you who have gerd,Have this feeling?When I eat,It feels like something is in there under my breastbone when I swallow,And I burp alot after eating.Im on prevacid,I had gallbladder out last year.Very uncomfortable feeling.I find myself asking what that is,Why do I feel that,It can even extend to my back on the same side.Anybody out there feel this.
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    If you are still having uncomfortable feelings in your chest after taking Prevacid you need to talk with your doctor as this may be something besides the GERD.

  3. PVLady

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    Definitely tell your doctor. My doctor had to increase my Prevacid to twice a day - (I take 30 mg twice a day).

    I don't think one pill lasts the entire 24 hours.

    Until I was feeling better I also took Mylanta, Tums and Gavicon which also helped.

    Remember, you did not get sick overnight, and will not be better for a while. They say it takes about 8 weeks for the meds to really do their job.

    Are you elevating the head of your bed at night? Following a diet for GERD?

    You also might try Gas X tablets - they are excellent for the gas. The pressure you are feeling is probaby gas.

    You want to watch your diet and avoid gas forming foods.
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    I know from my own experiences, and from what I've researched on GERD that it can cause pain to be referred to other areas of the body - back, sides, jaw.

    My theory is that the tension we experience from the discomfort of the reflux causes other parts of the body to tense up and the pain spreads.

    I have the same uncomfortable feelings that you do - in fact I'm having them a little now - I'm in the middle of an FM flare which also aggravates the reflux.

    Just try and stay calm and relaxed (if that's possible with this DD) the flare will pass.

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    I`m having a lot of trouble with gerd right now too. I have a hiatal hernia also that I might have to fix also. I really am having a lot of pain in my chest from it. I am frustrated having this everyday.

    The prevacid is so ridiculously expensive. I paid $80 for this bottle with 30 pills in it. That`s after my insurance paid a big part of it. There`s got to be something cheaper then this and more affective. I do drink malox a couple times a day when it is bad like this, it seems to sooth it.
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    Yes I was thinking about asking Dr.about upping Prevacid,I guess I should just ask her about this,It worries me and I dont like that either.
  7. tammis

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    What feelings do you have?