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  1. tammis

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    I know everyone asks about this problem often,My question to anyone is,When I swallow it feels like somethings stuck in my breastbone area,It radiates to my back on that same location,Gets very sore when I eat or drink.I am on prevacid 2 times daily,and Have had my gallbladder out.I see my week,Im assuming I will have upper GI done.Any one else get that feeling?
  2. TeaBisqit

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    I have this condition, too. And it's awful. I take Aciphex for it. I cannot live without the medication. If I stop it, I get it back. I get a bad symptom of nearly vomiting in my sleep that's very scary. The only thing that seems to help that is if I don't eat for hours and hours before bed.

    I, too, have had the pain where it radiates right into my back.

    I can't find a cure for the condition. I've tried alot of things, they don't work. About the only thing that helps is smaller meals, trying to stay away from known acid causers like chocolate, orange juice, tomato sauce. All things I actually like. Eating a bland diet with smaller portions helps. But I still need the meds.

    I hope your doc can come up with something else to help.
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    I have that. I have been on Aciphex twice a day,Carafate 4 times a day and Zantac. So far nothing really helps. I am supposed to have an upper endoscopy this week or next week. The pain radiates into my back. It wakes me up. I do not know what to eat. I have had FM for 3 yrs and I have not been taking these meds before. The other way of looking at the connection is that GI problems are part of FM, rather than the meds causing it. Just a thought.