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    I treated heart patients and gave Open Heart Anesthesia for years prior to becoming disabled. However, I began having chest pain, which wasn't classical for angina, but women often do not present with classical symptoms. Finally, I realized, that GERD was way back into the picture as well, after having had AND PAID $1,000 TO have a coronary CT scan.

    Studies have proven that these CT scans are 99% as effective in identifying heart disease and the indicators of it as having invasive angiography or heart catheterizations. Having had a nuclear stress test before, due to my inability to do a conventional stress due to FM, spinal injuries, arthritis, etc. when this occurred I was not prepared to have another one. When I had the first one, I asked the Tech whether it was supposed to make me feel like I was dying, and she said, oh yeah, so I simply preferred not to feel that way again.

    My insurance company would pay for the nuclear test, which costs $2,500 and would have to be followed by a CT scan or cardiac catheterization ( over my dead body ), if the thallium nuclear showed something. However, the idiots will not pay for the CT scan, which costs $1,000. They spend so much money trying to get out of spending money.

    However, shortly after having the CT scan, it became only too clear that despite having gone back on Nexium, after my insurance WOULDN'T PAY FOR THAT, AND I HAD SWITCHED TO PRESCRIPTION LEVEL PRILOSEC, that GERD WAS WAY BAD, AS WELL. My tongue and oropharynx looked BURNED AND RED, and my BREATH COULD HAVE STOPPED A CHARGING RHINO.

    I had a gastrocopy two years ago, after being on Nexium for two years and my esophagus was PRISTINE. I had this free of charge, because my doc asked me to join a study.

    Now, I am going to have to have another esophagoscopy and gastroscopy to see if the damage is permanent. IF IT IS, I AM SO GOING TO SUE THAT INSURANCE COMPANY FOR SCREWING WITH MY HEALTH.

    My point is GERD is nothing to fool with.

    Oh, and I got my CT scan back today, and despite my CRP being elevated, and having developed type II diabetes in the last year, and my cholesterols being totally screwed with the diabetes, MY CT SCAN WAS PRISTINE. NO CALCIUM MARKERS, YEAH. ALL CORONARY ARTERIES CLEAN AS A WHISTLE, AND IN A FAT GIRL. MY DOC SAID HE READ IT TWICE JUST TO MAKE SURE. THAT THOUSAND DOLLARS WAS SO WORTH IT. I was so excited.

    I am treating the type II, have lost 32 pounds, and am now on the Mediterrean, 1,200 calorie diet, but my cardiologist is still insisting on the gastric band, and he says that I won't have to worry about the GERD anymore and will be able to lose the weight, and get the diabetes under control

    Thanks, I am so sorry this was so long.
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    I have gerd too and it causes so many issues with my body. I was having alot of breathing problems (still am so the dr is checking heart also) but some was caused by gerds. Also on prilosec. Also caused some of my sinus problems according to my allergist. The did the esophagoscophy and the colonoscopy it was inflamed but, o.k. I was just diagonoised with boarderline diabetes. I feel for you not fun and GERDS is nothing to mess with. My 7 year old grandson and my daughter also suffer with it.

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