Gerson Therapy for cancer and chronic disease-great documentar

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    Saw this great documentary posted on lupus blog- I've read about the Gerson Therapy in the past, but this made me open my eyes. Very thought provoking and hopeful. The therapy is not for the weak of the heart and expensive with the amount of organic produce on must consume with hourly juicing from the pricey norwalk juicer and coffee enemas, supplements etc.

    "Dying to have known"

    There are also a couple of other documentaries on the web to view " the Gerson Miracle". Doctor Gerson may have been well ahead of his time. I highly recommend watching that as well.

    There are cases of healing autoimmune disease. Mostly what you hear about is cancer cures with the Gerson Therapy.

    Watch it - you won't regret it! And forward to those you know -especially those suffering from cancer with no hope.
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    another documentary on the gerson therapy and toxins/our health. After watching this--all stuff I've heard before--it is no wonder we are all sick and our planet is sick. There is one quick moment a woman mentions the Gerson Therapy cured her fibromyalgia. I wish I could have heard more on autoimmune disease cures.

    also be sure to watch- The gerson miracle

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    Some of the big name lyme docs also recommend coffee enemas for detox--

    I wonder if one is very sensitive to caffeine if you can handle it! My understanding is you have to stay committed to the therapy for up to 2 years.

    Some of the cancer testimonials are indeed miracles.

    supposedly the intense juice releases the toxins into the bloodstream and the liver aided with the help of the enemas filters out dumps the toxins. Interesting theory--
    Especially for those of us who suffer from MCS along with the rest of our autoimmune symptoms.

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    jamin health- question on lugol's iodine. I ordered a bottle and tried one drop--- it tasted toxic in of itself! Do you take that?

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