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    didn't realize this was such a vast group of boards and people. Some I recognize, but it gets confusing!

    Thought I would tell you a little about me, and then you decide..

    I'm old and cranky some days, but still thankful that I have been so richly blessed. All our children are grown and my baby is 30. We are avid church goers and most of our children are in some kind of ministry.

    Beneath all the trial of FMS, I have joy. I know I tease a lot that I could rip someone's head off and spit down their neck... but I would be nice about it!

    We had a special prayer meeting this evening at church and families prayed together. While praying with my husbnd, it dawned on me how really rich I am. (Not things we live on SSD, wich is per month what we used to have per week!!)

    There are days that I lay on the bed and hope to breathe, and others where I play with grands and go shopping. Not being able to know what to expect is hard but after 43 years of this, I just plan things to do when I am on down time.

    I find that I need a social outlet, as I don't drive, and most days I am fortunate to get a few things done to keep the health department from comming out.

    So give me some 411 on what happens here...(# for information in ILL)

  2. kathyrere

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    we should start a board for the old and cranky. it would be a big group.

    This is a wonderful board, i am stuck at home all the time. so i really depend on it for my support and it works.

    come often and join your prayers with everyone.
    God bless you
  3. dash

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    Glad to have you on board! Dixie did a good job of explaining what happens here. She's a real peach.

    My bio info is filled in so you can just click on my user name and find out a little about me.

    Many of us were once very active in our churches, but since illness has restricted our lives, this has become an opportunity to minister.

    Hope to see you here often. God bless.