GET DIRTY might make you feel better?

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    This is really interesting... just shows how much bacteria play a part in our bodies! It will be interesting to see what comes out of this...

    Getting Dirty May Lift Your Mood

    Science Daily — Bacteria found in the soil activated a group of neurons that produce the brain chemical serotonin.

    Treatment of mice with a 'friendly' bacteria, normally found in the soil, altered their behavior in a way similar to that produced by antidepressant drugs, reports research published in the latest issue of Neuroscience.

    These findings, identified by researchers at the University of Bristol and colleagues at University College London, aid the understanding of why an imbalance in the immune system leaves some individuals vulnerable to mood disorders like depression.

    Dr Chris Lowry, lead author on the paper from Bristol University, said: "These studies help us understand how the body communicates with the brain and why a healthy immune system is important for maintaining mental health. They also leave us wondering if we shouldn't all be spending more time playing in the dirt."

    Interest in the project arose after human cancer patients being treated with the bacteria Mycobacterium vaccae unexpectedly reported increases in their quality of life. Lowry and his colleagues reasoned that this effect could be caused by activation of neurons in the brain that contained serotonin.

    When the team looked closely at the brains of mice, they found that treatment with M. vaccae activated a group of neurons that produce the brain chemical serotonin. The lack of serotonin in the brain is thought to cause depression in people, thus M. vaccae's effects on the behavior of mice may be due to increasing the release of serotonin in parts of the brain that regulate mood.

    The new research supports this hypothesis, but future studies will be designed to determine if M. vaccae, other bacteria, or pharmaceutical compounds have antidepressant properties through activation of this group of serotonin neurons.

    Note: This story has been adapted from a news release issued by University of Bristol.


    This also reminds me of the research that showed children who had older siblings, and especially older brothers, were less likely to have asthma. It was surmised that it was because the older siblings brought more dirt around... gues it is adding up that we really can be TOO clean!?!

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    and she has been gardening for years. She never knew how gardening actually helped her but she has horrible migraines and always would go out and weed when she was in pain. I am going to try it myself even if I can only do 20 mins at a time. It's free and it can't hurt to try it and wouldn't it be nice to have a pretty yard to look at? She has also battled depression on and off and always said gardening was like therapy for her. This is good info to pass on Victoria!
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    i never thought of it before but, i keep 5 flower gardens in my yard and it is getting harder to take care of them, but my sisters never cared to garden.i love it. i have my little gardening bag, and a soft pad that goes in it that i sit or kneel on. soem days i can only do one hour ,some days, a little more. but i never have depression! and i am on every med you can imagine , including morphine and 3 percocet at a time. there just may be something to this. my husband prepares the soil and dumps the big sacls of topsoil and peat and handles the heavy work but i am the one with my hands in the dirt and the longer the better. sooooo who knows???? get to it girls! i cant do any housework or much of anything but this i can do. sometimes my hubby has to help me walk out to them but we carry 2-way radios in case i get in trouble or just need him. they are a lifesaver for us both because it lets him get out to do some of the things he needs o do besides babysitting me all of the time. all he has to do is give me my meds when they are due. so consider it...... ski
  4. tandy

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    Good ole dirt~

    Since I'm always looking for a good probiotic to alternate with my Primal defense,....
    I found one at swansons with Soil based organisms.
    I bought it and have been using it for over 3 weeks.
    Seems like a decent one~
    and way cheaper than PD.

    Thanks for sharing this info with us :)
  5. nerdieduckie

    nerdieduckie New Member

    I never played in the dirt when I was little. When I wanted to, I wasn't allowed, then I never wanted to because dirt is...well...dirty :p

  6. Engel

    Engel New Member

    I have been gardening since i was a kid (i am 53) and i can't even bend over anymore.

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