GET MEDICAL RECORDS!!! I was denied SSD thanks to MY doc

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by achy, Jan 13, 2003.

  1. achy

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    First, thank you to all that replied to my "in a hole" psot. It helps to know that somebody cares and especially understands. I hate being so's against my nature. I used to be the nut that made verybody laugh and wonder if I was insane....

    I spoke to SS offices today, our state office and our local. My SSD claim was denied because MY DOCTOR, the one that suggested I apply for SSD did NOT respond to their request for my records!! I called my Doc office and his nurse confirmed it. What really ticks me off was her attitude...the doc is away for two weeks so nothing I can do. Then she says...Well, didn't SS send you to their own docs?? I'm sure they can get you approved wiht out your records can't they?
    Good thing I couldn't crawl thru the phone lines. ?!)%*#&

    So, let me help you...get copies of your medical records for yourself. I trusted this guy...he held my hand, looked me in the eye and said don't will all work out. I'll take care of everything.

    That's it...I've hit bottom. I'm worn out. Feel like I've been kicked in the teeth and totally screwed. If I raise cane wiht doc he may not support my claim for my appeal...if I try new doc (this was my fourth) the new doc may not go for the disability at all..
    I'm screwed again...never matters what I do I come up short. Think I'd get the picture by now.

    Diggin the hole a bit deeper....


  2. Lanie

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    I think the best thing you can do is stick with this doctor and get all the copies yourself. Just call and say I want copies of all my records, can you do it by 1 week from today?

    Do it yourself, you cannot trust anyone else and relying on others will just get you kicked in the teeth. I speak from experience unfortunately.
    Best wishes in your next endeavor.
  3. teach6

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    That's the pits!!!! I think I would suggrewst you write him a letter asking why he did not reply to SS and telling him that you were denied SSDI because of it. Maybe that will kick him into doing something for your appeal. Sometimes the doc does not agree with what the person on the phone tells you. I've learned that.

    I do agree that it is a good idea to get copies of your medical records when at all possible. Good luck. I'm appealing also, and my doc complied and sent them everything he had, which was a lot! Now we're getting more for the appeal!

  4. tandy

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    that is so wrong of your Dr!!!Why the hell could'nt they have sent the copys in??!!would it have been that much out of their way?!!Thats bullsh**! I'd be fuming too~ Yes-I would ask to have the records copied and say you'll pick them up if its too much for them.In the meantime have you appealed your case??I would!!because thats a good part of why you did'nt get approved, is because I'm sure that dr had alot of info. which was important to your case!!They prolly did'nt have enough dr records to give it to you~ also I'm sure your aware of-any copies of tests done,PT,scans whatever,send them all in!!I even highlighted some very important info...things I did'nt want them to miss amongst all those words. I had to appeal once too,but then I got it.I could only get SSI because I did'nt have enough work credit hrs for disability.
    At least I got that tho~at that time I was'nt even working,and had little to no income.
    That was so wrong of your dr to do to you!!as if they don't make enough $ of us! Wishing you lots of luck!!
    let us know how things work out~ I am sorry your having this stress!!
    Warm regards,
  5. cherkare

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    i have been on disability since 95 and in most cases the first try you are denied anyway. then you go through paperwork more paperwork then more paperwork.

    what i started doing is getting copies of the dr.s notes after a visit. keep good records. the better they are the easier it will be on you.
    request a hearing right away. you will be able to get into a judge or a mediator. most times once you get to that statge they approve you.
    i also had a dr that would not respond, i changed dr.s i still can't find one that can help me. or knows what to do. and in my ss paperwork it seems that when i dwell on my depression and what it does to me is when they stamp approved faster than the pages and pages of documents about my fibro
  6. darlamk

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    Wow! What next for you? Take a deep breath! I am so sorry your Dr. flubbed up -Its strange that he didn't have his office staff just send in the records for him when he got the request. Someone definately dropped the ball! Maybe he will feel guilty about it & really write up some good notes for you :) Be sure to get records from your mental health therapist too - someone talked about how they seem to go for the dx of depression - I think its true. All their rules & regulations are not up to speed on FM so the depression dx helps to get approval. You can do this-just hang tough! It will all be worth it someday soon and you deserve every $. It's unfortunate but we all just have to play their game. Take care,
  7. danisue22

    danisue22 New Member

    It does sound like you got kicked in the face.But keep going , you will win out in the end. Sometimes I think that they put us through this stuff to prove that we really need it. No one that was well would never keep going through this crap.I sometimes wish those Doctors would have to deal with it because they were sick maybe they would'nt be so d...smug.
    I know it's soo very hard but this to shall pass as they say. You have so many here that care about you.We are here for you with all the ups and downs . I sure hope things get better and I agree that you should get your records.
    Do something nice for your self ,Take a long hot bath and think of all the people that really do care for your well being.I'll be praying for you. God Bless ...Danisue
  8. hope4

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    Make sure you appeal your claim immediately. You don't want to loose any time getting this done. If your Doctor suggested that you file for SS then you know that he will back you up. It very well could be an error on the part of his office staff as to why SS did not get his records. It is a good idea to get a copy of your medical records from the doctor. If they know that you are concerned enough to get copies, they will be more careful about documentation and stay on their toes. Always remember that we have to take control of our own care, be it medical treatment or disability claims. Don't leave it up to anyone else to get what you need for your claim. Follow up with the doctors to make sure they give you what you need and what SS needs from them. Believe me they will get to know you and know what you need from them. However, what ever you do, try not to tick them off. Everything goes smoother when you have a good relationship with the doctor and his staff. I know it can be extremely overwhelming to try to keep up with all of this. But in the end it will be worth it. I'm still waiting on a reply from SS on my appeal. Please don't be discouraged or give up. SS usually denies everyone on the first try. Most of us have had to appeal, some of us more than once. If you are seeing a Psychiatrist or Therapist for your depression, it is a good idea to include your depression in your appeal.

    Hang in there
  9. popgun

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    If this was your first try they would( in my experience of a number of people who tried for SS were denied the 1st time anyway.) Get a lawyer who deals in SS and only SS .Your chances are better with lawyer and they don't charge unless you win.
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    A good attorney would be on top of this, having you get copies of your own records. Also, SS should have let you know that your doc was not responding.

    My attorney sent me to two docs he knew whould do a good job of documenting my illnesses and would respond to SS.

    For anyone filing for SSD, it's so much better to use an attorney. The atty. gets nothing unless you win your case and then, he or she get 25 percent of the retro pay up to a maximum of $5,300. It's well worth it.

    Love, Mikie
  11. achy

    achy New Member

    If that doesn't suck....
    I kept asking wouldn't it be better to get it right the first time rather than get denied?

    The system stinks & I will find the strength to help change it.

    Thanks for all the support

    I wole up this Am sick as a dog....guess from stress. What's next
  12. Fibrolady37

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    Hi achy,
    Well what a pain your doc is,dont give up anyhow.
    Wait till docs back & get copies of your records,pick them up yourself.
    Then reapply for disability,i got refused 1st time,its common for 1 timers to get refused,so go for it & try again,good luck.
    Im here if you want to moan or whatever ok?
    Very gentle hugs
    sharon d(uk)
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    That is normal procedure for almost everyone. If, however, your claim was denied at the hearing level, your case was woefully unprepared. Almost everyone has to go through the hearing process but there are some exceptions. By the time it gets to the hearing stage, there should be plenty of documentation including questionnaires filled out by your docs that you are disabled according to the SS's own Listing 1.02. Discuss this with an attorney you are interviewing and if he or she doesn't know what this is, walk away.

    My attorney wanted to get me started from the get go and accepted my case before I even filed. I think those attorneys in your area do not want to work very hard for the money. Try to find one now with a good win ratio and one who specializes in SSD cases. This is no guarantee of winning, but it's a good start. Good luck to you.

    Love, Mikie