Get skin SENSITIVITY from percoset, but only faint rash?

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jen F, Jul 10, 2003.

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    The doc at ER hadn't ever heard of skin sensitivity or burning as a reaction to this drug, only itching and rash -- and my rash isn't obvious so docs can't see it. Where my skin is normally milky white, it is a faint mottled pink, which some people have normally, so docs don't recognize it as a rash on me. I think I'd have to take a higher dose of the pills for a few more days, til I'm really suffering with one doozy of a rash/burn on my skin and THEN they'd know I had a rash, skin reaction to the drugs. [Imagine Crocodile Dundee saying with Aussie accent, "THAT'S notta rawsh, mate" "NAOW THIS-- THIS is a rawsh!"] For now, i think they look at me a little funny. You know what I mean.

    so, anyone else get skin sensitivity from oxycodone? I don't want to be the only one with this particular reaction [sniff, sniff]

    I had a worse reaction with codeine, severe burning of my skin [urticaria?].

    I'm hoping for no noticeable side effects from hydrocodone which I now have a small scrip for. Little miss drug seeker.

    hey, anyone know if the 5mg hydrocodone can be cut?

    Thanks for any feedback
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    So there, doc!!

    We're just in the minority is all!

    Imagine, you have to even lie to the doc and tell them it's itchy for them to believe it's an allergic reaction.

    But, now, NOW we can both tell docs [if we want to and the moment is right and the stars are properly aligned and they have had their caffeine fix and...] that we know of someone else with same reaction.


    thanks so much for responding.

    No more weird looks.
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    doc said he didn't think anti-histamine would be very helpful because a HISTAMINe response is the rash, or hives.

    so, what is the sensitivity if it's not a histamine rx?


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    Is it working okay. I think you can cut it
    but you can check with the pharmacist to be sure.
    I have always cut my 10/s if need be.

    Take Care,
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    would have to be specially ordered, and would cost me, so doc gave me toradol to try first, $25 for 5 days worth.

    but now people saying not to take toradol long term.

    i just don't know...

    i must still have some opiod in my system, cause still a little s.o.b. and extra strength tylenol is helping with the pain, usually the tyl doesn't do much on it's own.

    I will be a little afraid of trying the hydrocodone because of this sob, but am willing to give it a go. would be 5mg and i could cut in half.