Get sooo tired as I try to eat - losing it!!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bobolee, Mar 5, 2003.

  1. bobolee

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    I already have to appetite, so I still try and get something down at mealtime. What is really bizarre is that as I eat, I get an overwhelming feeling of "tired, heavy body" . It is really frightening. It only makes eating harder. Has anyone else had this sensation??? I think I need some HELP> I am losing it !!!!! I think I am going crazy. ANy response is GREATLY appreciated.
  2. T-BO

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    Have you ever been tested for food allergies?
    Also, have you discussed this with your doc? My dad alot of times likes to lay down after a meal. He is a healthy person though. He seems to enjoy feeling like this after a meal so i guess this would be a different story in your case. My opinion is to consult your doc.

    Good luck!!!

  3. aprilhuque

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    I just wanted to say that I am sorry that you are going through this. I think that I personally felt that way because sitting down to eat was the first time during my day that I would begin to really relax, and "let it all hang down" so to speak. Then, I would feel the overwhelm of all of the fatigue and over-stimulation of my day. This probably isn't at all what you are talking about, so I will stop now.

    We are here for you,
  4. Debgene56

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    My stomache has felt so bad for so long that I had lost all appitite. And my illfitting denture and tmj made chewing so painful that it would take me forever to finish. So I would eat every other day or so, which me made me feel so much worse. I got that overwelmed heavy,tired fatigued feeling with it. Needless to say I lost A awful lot of weight and sleep over it. I would fantise all the time about veggies and weird things and scour thru cookbooks. Only made it worse, but I got my satisfaction fantising without actually eating it. I was getting fed up and depressed and anxious and you name it, wasn't good for the mental state, then I worried continously about wasting away. I got mad enough at myself and forced myself to eat small amounts. I made things that really appealed to me. Fattening really yummy foods. Before long it was easier to eat more and I put on 9 pounds but I have to struggle to maintain it. If I miss a day I loose weight just like that. Please, you have to force yourself to grit your teeth and do it, cause your body needs the nutrition and you will never feel anybetter it you compromise on that. When you don't eat enough your bodys fights back with shakiness and weakness and irritability....... If you have fibro or something related, you have to do something to snap out of it. You have to force yourself to relearn how to eat, by taking little baby steps and bites. Good luck to you and know you are not alone, I have been there and I am still fighting the battle. Remember, just one more bite. Love, Deb
  5. Shirl

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    You are not alone! I could think of a thousand things to do instead of eating, then when I eat I feel worst than I did just being hungry, and yes, I would LOVE to lay down after I eat, but then I get acid reflux, heartburn etc.

    So I do like Deb said, I eat small meals, that way I am not stressing myself trying to eat a whole meal like 'normal' people do.

    You are not going crazy! I have been like this now for almost 20 years. Simply put,I hate to eat. I feel awful admitting that, its, in a sense, a big sin to have food and don't want to eat it.

    I have also done like the other member said;' eat every second day', that was not good either, then I was shaking, and feeling anxious.

    I try to eat at least twice a day, small meals, and then I eat just bread and butter or jam inbetween.

    Mornings are the worst, I wake feeling like I ate a whole banquet of food, I wake up stuffed! NO, I don't eat much before bed, then I will have trouble sleeping, crazy huh? But truthfully we are not crazy, just different.

    Take a nap before you eat, then do what Deb and I are doing, eat a small meal.

    I lost 10 pounds a few months ago with a spider bit that almost killed me, and I cannot gain it back. I am always fighting to keep the weight I have too.

    Take care, and keep trying, we do need to eat, especially us!

    Shalom, Shirl