Get thee on over to the ME/FM Board!

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by skeptik2, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. skeptik2

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    Geez, you guys have a lot of energy!

    Please get it on over to the ME Board if you already haven't, and USE it for ACTION NOW, would you?

    We neeed your help, help, help!!!

  2. Rafiki

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    This is a critical time for ME (and YOU:eek:) please listen to Skeptik2 (who is a star and you won't know why if you don't check out the ME/FM board :eek:) and take the time to do a little clicking which could help change the landscape of ME/CFS/CFIDS forever.



    Peace out,
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    Just went to the fibro board. Will go back again when I can function. No brain power left. Just bumping this up, to remember.
  4. Waynesrhythm

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    Hi Skeptik, Hi Rafiki,

    Hi Gals, I'm kind of at a loss. I'm not sure what we're supposed to do over there. Did you ever see the movie Philadelphia? Where Denzel Washington, who plays a lawyer, chides different people at different times, "Could you explain it to me like I'm a 6-year old?" -- That's kind of how I'm feeling. :)

  5. Pippi1313

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    Specifically, do what exactly?

    March in the streets?
    Done that. It even made the tv news here (as I was "marching" in a wheelchair).

    Call my congressman?
    News flash: They don't care.

    OK, so I'm rather cynical by now.

    But seriously. Band together with whom, to do what? I'm willing to do what I can. So far it seems futile... But I'm not ready to give up.
  6. fibromickster

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    I am with Wayne & Pippi, what are we supposed to do over there???? What help do you need??? If it is answering the posts, well, i only answer if i can give advice or know anything about the posts.
  7. Sacajawea2

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    Rafiki broke this down a few days ago...if you watch these videos (of which Skeptic is in the frst one) you will be counted...there is more on the FM board, about petitions, etc...various posts discussing the things needed to be counted.
    I'm pretty foggy myself but did have this one saved...this link will take you to her post where you can watch the videos.

  8. Khalyal

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    This is a window of opportunity for the CFS/ME world. The CFSAC meeting contained some incredible moments, and a nearly universal cry to have Bill Reeves removed from his position. Even the President of the IACFS/ME made this request.

    In the meantime, Tom Kindlon has a petition circulating, petitioning for disbanding the "Reeves Empirical" definition of CFS.

    You can go to Marly's (P.A.N.D.O.R.A) poll, and vote very simply yes, no, or undecided regarding your opinion on whether Reeves should go

    Hillary Johnson made a stunning speech in London and posted it on her website blog. It's called "The Why". It is a must read, and it was a very brave speech for her to make. You can go to her website at and put your comments of support on her blog.

    John Anderson took up Hillary's call and ran with it. In a brilliant essay, which is posted on the fibro board, he made a well-needed and long overdue stance describing how advocacy is not advocating for the right stuff. You can read that and comment on it.

    Any and all of these political movements can be addressed further by sharing them with people you know, forwarding them to your congresspeople, going over to facebook and registering yourself on the White House's pages where you can comment, open a topic, join one of the many conversations about your health issues.

    You can also go to facebook and comment on the CAA's page, on PANDORA's page, and several others. Make your feelings known.

    You know what Nike says. Just do it!

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