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    Yesterday I went out running errands and ended up at my girlfriends house around 9 p.m. She lives 45 minutes away from me. Monday and Tuesday are her days off and we stayed up till 2 a.m. yaking. This is my lifelong best friend since age 2. She smokes, and of course did last night. She knows it bothers me, and was kind enough to go into the kitchen and smoke next to the exhaust vent near the stove. But, did have a couple in the living room.

    On my drive home, which is about 45 minutes, I kept tasting metal in my mouth. Yuk. Like I licked a coat hanger or handled a lot of loose change and put my hands to my mouth. But I handn't.

    So I get home safely a little before 3 am, get ready for bed, go pee and I get a STRONG smell of "smoked something". I suddenly made the connection between the "metal" taste and the "smokey" smelling pee.

    Cigarette smoke contains a LOT of NICKEL and I must have been trying to excrete it already, and I could actually taste it. Then the smokey smell when I urinated, that's pretty quick detoxing, I think.

    Even our odd symptoms make sense if we only look deep enough.

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    It has been a few years now I have quit smoking after being a long-time smoker of two packs a day.
    How I did it, I do not know. All I can remember is how my clothes smelled and all the washing I did just to stink them up again.

    No prejudice against smokers. I still consider myself one who just is not doing it anymore. You can not go a lifetime smoking and become all high and mighty about it.

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    No wonder it makes me so sick!! Daneen