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    I placed a large order from a place called Nutrition Dynamics in the States. Was taking forever and only got half the order, so I called in. Got this odd guy who wanted to talk my ear off and also thought FM was very rare and wanted to know who had no dx'D me. Strange, I'm kicking myself for not asking him why he thought that and what he thinks the real issue usually is w/ all these so called misdiagnoses, but I settled for telling him rather firmly that I just don't believe that. But I digress.

    Their shipping policies are all bass ackwards, but their supplements are good and the selection is terrific. Though I wasn't impressed that they made 3 substitutions w/out consulting me. One sub. was for a rheumatic pain homeopathic I was looking forward to trying. They had lots to choose, so I took the cheapest, even though they had Traumeel, I thought I'd try it later. When I got more and more perturbed to find out all the substitions, esp. that they sent me a cal/mag/potassium supp. instead of a homeopathic then he offered to send me whatever one I wanted in replacement. He highly recommended Traumeel so I bit.

    I'll let you know when I finally get it. These guys may have a better selection of what I was needing, like glandulars and homeopathics, cut their shipping and policies suck compared to good old Prohealth who I've ordered from several times very happily.


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    and has anyone tried any of the other rheumatic pain homeopathics, like Rhododendronheel, Rheumaheel, or other brands of homeos that do similar? Traumeel is the most popular because it's used post surgery and by athletes too, but it is actually more geared to injury pain w/ inflammation.

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    I saw the post, answered it and bumped it several times too. But the poster didn't seem to see it.
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    I have Traumeel and like it. I tend to get sore stiff muscles in my shoulder area. I believe I bought it at Rite Aid drug store.