Getfitat40....Dr Katz of Phila,Pa???

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by foggygirl, May 27, 2006.

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    Get fit,

    I saw your post mentioning that a Dr Katz co-wrote that article on cognitive testing. Is that Dr. Steven Katz of the Phila, PA area?

    If so, it's very encouraging to me. I've seen him twice and have been very pleased with him--So far--I've become very disalusioned with docs, so am cautiously optimistic.



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  2. getfitat40

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    Hi Foggygirl,

    Sorry the doctor who wrote the article is in Chicago at Rush - along with the Pyschologist (Dr Leavitt) who co-wrote it. I was very fortunate to see both of them - Dr. Katz has been very thorough and treats me as an individual not just my lab work or numbers.

    I have seen too many unfeeling doctors (I am being nice too) over the years - Dr Katz (he's a Rheumy)is very active in treating FMS, Lupus, and RA and other connective tissue diseases. He is one of the top doctor's in the country and yes I am bragging. It has been a long road, like it has for you too. Sounds like your Dr Katz is good too - I think you can tell if you click with a doc pretty fast. I hope it works out for you

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