Getting a Visual Picture Of God's Greatness

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    For those of you who like myself have a hard time picturing all that God is, I want to share this with you.
    I once read in a newer translation of the bible a verse that is in the Psalms. I can't remember now which one it is, and have never been able to find it in my Bible. It was translated like this.
    "God is the river that the enemy cannot cross."
    Now I grew up in Michigan and am sort of an "outside" gal. When I think of this scripture I can see myself standing on the bank of a river, alone. There is a big bear on the other side, standing on hind legs, growling and pawing at the air...He defintely is the enemy, and I am his lunch, if he has his way.
    BUT...God is the river the enemy can't cross.
    No matter who or what the enemy is, no matter how hard he growls... no matter how many trips up and down the river he makes, there is NO crossing point,he can't get past God....
    I feel very comforted with this thought.
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