Getting an appointment with a pain psychologist!!!

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by cjcookie, Sep 13, 2005.

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    Oh brother, if it wasn't so sad, it would be funny. After finally getting someone to call me back, the psychologist I wanted told me she was going on vacation so she would refer to me someone else. The social worker called today and I asked if she saw patients with chronic pain. She told me she got a lot of referrals from physical therapy. But, do you see a lot of people with chronic pain - this was followed by another political answer. Then she said, reading from a note, you have Fibromyalgia (although she couldn't pronounce it). "Okay", I said, "I'm assuming that you have never treated anyone with this illness?" No, but I treat a lot of women with chronic pain. She didn't use proper english in our conversation either. I know I shouldn't judge a person by this but I want my therapist to at least sound smart, right?

    I told her I appreciated her calling me back but that I would feel a little more comfortable with a therapist that had treated someone with my disease. She checked with another doctor and told me it would be months before I could see him. Back to square one and waiting for the other lady to get back from vacation.

    If I ever get well, I'm going back to school to be a psychologist.
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    Well, on and on we go, trying to get help. Poor thing!

    I think you did the right thing in waiting for the other one to get back from vacation; I would feel very uncomfortable with a health care provider who couldn't pronounce my disease, had trouble with standard English, and had never seen anyone with FM. I'm a bit judgmental when it comes to English useage (in my head, not outloud). Some things are OK, but others just bug me to death. The incorrect use of verbs drives me up a wall: I "seen" that!AAGH!

    Anyway, this isn't about my hang-ups, but your doctor and I think you've been wise. Hope you can hang on until the other returns. Do you have an appointment yet?

    Take care.
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    Eventually you will find someone! I finally got an appt with someone who specializes in chronic pain conditions (is actually a REHAB AND PAIN MANAGEMENT PSYCHIATRIST) which is pretty darn cool in my book, plus, she happens to be a woman, which is a little added benefit in my book.

    But man oh man did I have to search! Called upwards of 30 therapists in area to ask abt specialities, no luck, or got the "Oh sure Doctor so and so is accepting new patients. We can squeeze you in December 8th at 6am. How does that sound?" bit. Grrrrr. Finally, called my pcp repeatedly till I finally got him to return my call (who says a little stalking can't be helpful?). He sent me to this guy who is "the top of his field". His field, supposedly, is rehabilitation therapy. He only sees patients with major illness/injury.

    So, I wait for a month for an appt with this dude,thinking the whole time how great it will be to talk to someone who will listen about my emotions, frustrations, and who might have some practical solutions for me. WRONG! Finally had the appointment last week. First of all, dude was a pompous jerk, could just tell right off. He had palm tree throw pillows on his sofas. How can you trust a guy with palm tree throw pillows?! Basically, he spent the entire 50 minutes asking me about my very very early childhood (like before age 6 or so). Then he proceeded to tell me that my entire illness, history of low immune function, etc, is caused because of an "emotional trauma" that my "body remembered physically" for all of my life. The funny part? This "trauma" happened when I was less than a year old and have 0 memory of. This is his "solution". Then he tells me he needs me to come in for series of Personality evaluator tests which cost $300 and aren't covd by insurance. And by the way, he'll next be able to see me in 3 weeks.

    What a flipping joke, but really, it did perk up my sense of humor. No practical advice, or even discussion of the major illness I've just been diagnosed with that will affect me entire life and practically has me housebound! Lets chat about infantile emotional trauma for $200 an hour, shall we?

    Anyway, found the new one, who sounds terrific but still crossing my fingers until our first appt next tuesday.

    My suggestion is to call all of your docs, specifically any rheumatologists you see, or even some Physical Medicine docs in your area. Also, hospital affiliated pain clinics are great for referrals, bc they are dealing only with clients with chronic pain.

    Anyhow, wish you all the luck with your search. Just remeber, if you hear "infantile trauma", run screaming for the door!
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    I was dying to know, too, and can't find definite answer in your post.
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    It took me years to find a counselor i like and mesh with. it's really just trial and error.

    i wish you the best.
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    I can't get the appointment until she gets back because she handles her own appointments. I'm hoping she gets my sense of humor. I kind of always make jokes about things like telling the pain doc that it's a good day because the roof of my mouth doesn't hurt. I'm not good about telling people that I'm sad or hurting - makes me feel like I'm bothering them or whining. Hopefully, we will click and I won't have a long journey.