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    Hey all, I'm going to be ordering a Lyme western blot from Igenex soon, and have a few questions.

    Background: I have had (what may be) a lot of Lyme symptoms for about 7 months now, beginning with a flu-like illness. I don't remember a tick bite or rash. I had been living in the UK for 3 years when I become ill, and actually came down with the initial infection right after a visit to Spain. Now I am living back in California where I'm from.

    1) I'm guessing that *if* I was bitten by a tick, it had to have been either in the UK or Spain. Are there different strains of Lyme or co-infections in Europe that I need to worry about that may not show up positive on Igenex?

    2) Is it at all possible that I could have been bitten years earlier while in California and then been asymptomatic until it decided manifest itself randomly years later? (I'd been really stressed out just prior to getting sick)

    3) Some days my symptoms are a lot worse than others. If I get my blood drawn on a day where I'm feeling better or worse, will it affect the results of the western blot?

    Thanks. :)
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    Yes, it's very possible that the Lyme bacteria has been dormant. Stress is one of the things that trigger it. Molly, Dar and I think menopause does too!

    Some of the California strains are associated with neuro symptoms. It's hard to say where any of us got bit.

    Since I had the EM rash, I know my tick bite came from Indiana or possibly Illinois. We did two different camping trips in 3 weeks that year so it's hard to know.

    My thought is the flu bug doesn't survive in summer temps. If you got sick in the summer it's probably Lyme.

    How to intrepret test results once you get them:

    Another one:

    Here is a link to bands around the world. Different strains mean different things in different countries.

    The only thing that may affect your results is being on Antibiotics. My LLMD wants the patient off of Abx for 2 weeks before testing.

    Some say it's good to stir the infection pot if you have a negative test and lots of symptoms. Please post your results here!
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    Hey Munch, thanks so much for your reply, and all of the useful links on interpreting the results. Much appreciated. :)

    That "bands around the world" link looks very useful but also pretty much greek to me at this stage since I haven't looked into how to interpret WB bands yet. Sorry if this is a really dumb question, but the specific bands for Europe etc. will automatically be included on the Igenex WB test, right? I wont need to specifically request them or anything?

    Oh and one more question - There's probably no need to test for co-infections initially, right? If it turns out I don't have Lyme, then it's unlikely I'd have Bartonella or Babesia on their own?

    Thanks again!
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    My LLMD treats does a trial for meds known to treat certain coinfections. If you have a herx reaction to a med then you probably have that infection.

    Some books say you can't have a coinfection without Lyme. Others say you can. I don't think much is known. We are all just one big experiment.