Getting away with friends helped with symptoms

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by bluebirder, Mar 4, 2003.

  1. bluebirder

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    Feeling better after trip to Florida to relax. I kept eye on friends little girl in exchange for cost I added to trip. I did go one day to Disney (Dr suggested a wheelchair) but even with sitting more than walking (leaning on childs stroller as if walker when we moved between rides) I still could not stand in lines. So I rotated sitting, standing, stretching and rubbing tiring leg muscles while they were in lines. But the sunshine was good and warm weather seemed to relax some muscles. Also got to watch birds which always helps me refocus.

    Had to do two days of chilling out at the pool and condo playing board games to recover but all in all was a Great Vacation. Lots of stress reduction and able to sleep in until medication wore off before starting any activity. Got lots of water arobic excercise. I found I could get into the water and do things like squatting up and down that I could not do on dry ground. Did walking in the pool with water resistance helping me stretch the arches out and lift me up after squatting while I simply helped the little girl rise to the service. She also did some spring boarding off my legs as I squatted.

    Relaxed and fun with a 5 year old. Back here to the snow and chill setting into muscles. Seems weather does effect things.But doing mental pitures of the vacation to help me relax again here. Somehow my attitude toward family & friends who don't understand seems different now.

    Trying to stay positive. I just know some how somewhere things will improve. Now I am trying to get as much done as possible before having to stop and then get going again. On vacation I noticed if I was just allowed to sit, lay or stand and give attention to sore muscles I could recover from a slump in energy. Also got to sleep better even though I shared the bedroom with the 5 year old.

    Back home now and with a little more energy to tackle issues.

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    for sharing your vacation and how you managed your wellness. Glad you can pull in a visual to take you back to a positive experience.

    Take care,
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    That's why I moved here. I'm sitting her trying to decide whether to do some paperwork which is overdue or go play in the pool. I think the pool is going to win out. It's going to be in the low 80's today, too hot for this time of year, but better than the cold and snow.

    I'm glad your vacation help you feel better. Is there a warm indoor pool where you can work out. I run in place in about 4 feet of water, lifting my knees to my chest. There is no way I could do this on land.

    Love, Mikie
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    Wish there was but right now I couldn't get to one if there was. I know there are YWCA around but it costs for their programs. We are making cuts to our spending now. My car is one of those. Right now I working on getting enough money to pay down medical bills and maintain $ to keep up with expenses of home communications business so it doesn't cost my husband anything.

    I cost the family more than it is willing to put out on me so I am trying to go ahead and do it myself. At least that will boost my self image and how I feel about myself. I always had the self image tied to dedication to do everything myself. As years go on this is slipping away and family members don't understand why. I guess it is hard for them too.

    I figure I have to prioritize what I need more. The pool sure would help but at this point making sure I can get my medication for the stage IV sleep is more important. In time after I get some Local Phone Customers signed up for VarTec-Excel (so they talk long distance free) I will have commission to begin paying off bills and then add pool therapy etc to my health regimint.

    For now I am trying to hold out, applying for disability. I can always retract the application or terminate disability if and when I get enough customers in under my ID #.

    I don't WANT to be on the Disability Benefits but until my health improves or I get the business bringing in enough I have to do something. I'm applying and then will withdraw as soon as I can.

    Right now am fighting to keep my marriage intact AND get the medical care needed.The Fibro and other illness has put strain on the family relationsips and the relationship generated stress is putting strain on my ability to manage the illness. Working to try and improve both.

    Short term removing myself from the stress is the reason I went on vacation with my friends.Now I need to maintain mental and physical health so I can work on stress causing issues or accept what will be. Time to improve my attitude and decide to be happy whatever comes.

    Mikie are you near Orlando? We stayed at Vistana Resort near there.

    I used to live in Port Charlotte, Florida & worked for the Badcock family at their furniture store in Punta Gorda! I loved the sun but hated the humidity and the sandy soil trying to garden. Remember the alligators getting in the back yard too! Liked to sun itself RIGHT THERE IN THE GARDEN on top my mulch!! And try to garden with those snakes....yikes![This Message was Edited on 03/05/2003]
  5. Mikie

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    From Punta Gorda in South Fort Myers. I love it here. I live in a condo, so I'm not gardening. We have had a couple of baby gators in the pond out back of my lanai. I used to usually see them on the golf course when I played. I like them.

    I have acclimated to the heat and humidity and I like it a lot more than the high, dry, thin air in Colorado. I don't have asthma here and almost no allergies. The sun shines almost all the time. It's not for everyone, but to me, it's paradise.

    Love, Mikie