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  1. Thanks to all who read my post on Mom not wanting to eat. Mom as you all know has Alzheimer's Disease. She was given med called Peractin....I believe. It is a appetite stimulant. It has helped and Mom has gained some weight or at least does not look as though she has lost weight. Thank you all for your prayers. I wish I could personally hug and kiss each of you who answered my posts. Mom is doing well and eating. Not 100% but she is eating at least 50/75% more and that is less stress for me. Mom is in Stage 5 of Alzheimer's. This is the biggest heartbreak in my life as Mom was always there for all of us. My two brothers and I. Thank you all who responded and wrote to me to let me know you have Mom on your prayer list. The Good Lord is listening mightly. God Bless everyone on the worship website. Hugs and many kisses to all. Love you guys! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul.God Bless. Helena
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    God Bless you too and your Mom and all of your family.

    gentle hugs ... Susan

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