getting better, and getting bored, and tears of joy

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    since my CFS has been getting so much better lately, i am experiencing a new phenomenon-- boredom!!! for years i was too sick and exhausted to get bored. hard to want to do stuff when you are half dead. when all your energy is going towards surviving another day. but now- i have some spare energy!!! what a wierd feeling!!! i am getting bored-feeling like i want to go out and do stuff. i guess this is picking up the pieces of a broken life, as i emerge from the cave of hell known as CFS. i'm not complaining- i am thrilled to be able to get bored. i have cried tears of joy several times now. I was wondereing if anyone else who is getting better has experienced these feelings (boredom, and or tears of joy)?

    by the way-i have more info about how i am getting better on a few other recent posts.

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    So what do you contribute being better from? That is great news.
  3. bigmama2

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    see my previous recent posts for details-

    one or more of these things
    1.adrenal glandulars- for almost 2 years
    2.valtrex- for about 9 months
    3.low dose naltrexone for about 6 months
    4.special compounded vitamin, mineral, amino supplements that supposedly help the methylation cycle- so far only on these for a few months-
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    There is really great and fun book that is about finding out what your niche might be.

    They're designed for creative types, but I think that the "exercises" are fun for anyone.

    It's called "The Vein of Gold" by Julie Cameron.

    It will give you fun stuff to do that is within a recovering person's capabilities... but the point is discover what you are the most interested in.

    It helps narrow things down, and it sort of gets away from all the feelings of "what I SHOULD be doing" with my life.

    I am so excited for you.

    I will ask you more about your recovery on your other thread about that.


    P.S. The Hebrew Scriptures describe someone who is full of compassion towards us "saving all of our tears in a bottle". I think those include happy tears, too. Imagine what all could be watered and nurtured with such a huge bottle!

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    I have experienced them.

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    Are you going to a CFS/FM center? Holistic center? I don't know or have read about anyone that has found a way to lick this awful illness. Well, maybe other than the adds from these centers that cost an arm and a leg and don't except insurance.

    How far back is your post that explains your cure. I couldn't find it.

    I'm really interested to read it.


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    I too found a treatment that worked and have been functioning around 90% for 5 months now. I know what you mean about boredom. I still have to save up energy and it doesn't take long to do so, but while I'm sitting around I get so bored.

    I'm back to knitting (which I couldn't do when I was sick) writing, reaching out to friendships that had fallen apart. I'm also getting the little things done that I didn't have the energy for before. Things like fixing something broken, putting up a birdfeeder, cleaning out the closet, etc. I feel so accomplished when I can do these things because I'm an A type personality like us all!

    If anybody wants to read how I recovered search on this site for acupuncture. It's not for everybody but it sure worked for me! Take care all!

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    I have nothing but tears of joy to hear you are bored!!!! I hope and pray that more of us can join in with you.

    Even on my good days, I am sooo behind in everything, that bordom has not been an issue.

    Hearing your story gives us hope. I have FM so I do not think anything you are doing will help me....but please keep posting so you can help others.

  9. bigmama2

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    appreciate the kind words! and book recommendations. i'm not ready for work or pt work yet but if this keeps up maybe eventually i can work again and not relapse.

    i see dr levine in nyc. and dr neville at clymer healing center in pennsylvania (but its all done over the phone). i also saw Pfeiffer treatment center in annapolis md. but they are normally located near chicago. they come to md once or twice a year.

    i was pretty sick for a looong time, and at one point i had pretty much given up on getting better. many times i wished i could go into a nursing home type of facility because i was too sick to care for myself.

    to find the post that has more details about how im getting better click on my user name to see my posts. the post is called something like "still improving, feels like a miracle". it was written in june 08.

    hope we can all experience boredom and tears of joy.-
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