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Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by tiredinaz, Oct 4, 2005.

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    What kind of Doctor do I need to go to be diagnosed? My family doc says Chronic fatigue Syndrome isnt really a disease it is a diagnosis they give if they cant figure out what is wrong with you. He left it at that and now i am left in the dark as to what to do. I KNOW I must have it as everything else has been ruled out. I can totally relate to what most of you are saying and they way you feel. I dont think my husband gets how I feel and that makes me feel lazy. Although ordinarily and in my head I am a perfectionist. Any advice?
  2. JLH

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    I think a lot of us have gone to a Rheumatologist to be diagnosed.

    A lot of people with CFS and FMS also have other problems such as arthritis, lupus, etc. which fall in the line of what a rheumy does.

    However, some do go to other type docs, but I don't know at what point in their diagnosis that they go. They will be along to tell you, I'm sure.

    I have about equal problems with pain and fatigue, but I have so many other problems that also cause pain, and fatigue from the side effects of the meds that I am on.

    Sorry I can't help you much about CFS.

    Take care,

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