Getting Disability Payments Can Be a Fight to the Death"

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    Hi Everyone--I wanted to post about a very good investigative series in the Portland, Oregon newspaper, The Oregonian. This is concerning the long wait for benefits and covers the issues concerning people suffering from CFS, FM, and mental health disorders. Also note, that if you live in the Northwest, they are looking for stories concerning your fight to get benefits.

    Our family finally gave up at the appeals level for our son with bipolar. He is now living with friends in France as we could no longer support him. He is unable to work consistently because of the side effects of Depakote. He had owned a very successful restaurant in the SF Bay Area and graduated from the culinary academy. He lost his restaurant, his marriage, and custody of his child due to his illness. He'd paid into his disability since he started working in the food industry at age 15 and is now 31. It's very very sad. When he left us, he was completely dependent on us financially even though he wanted to work (as he always had) so badly.

    This article outlines what so many of us know to be the truth. I'm almost relieved that I don't have to worry about ever applying as I've only worked once outside my home as a Head Start teacher for one year. I've raised 13 children and worked over 60 hours a week for 15 years as a volunteer child advocate and legal rep for families but I've never paid into my fund.

    Anyway, here's the article links to date:

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    and should be of interest to anyone concerned about ever needing disability benefits. The story profiles at least two people with fibromyalgia.
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    As for me I did work from about 16 years old until I got fms and it got bad enough that I could no longer work when I was about 38 but still I had to settle for ssdi instead of regular disablity. So I get medcaid instead of medicare and it isn't as accepted as medicare. People think you just poor and living off welfare.

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    I'm not sure what you mean by regular disability vs. ssdi. SSDI Is regular disability.

    Could you mean SSI - for low-income people or people who have not worked enough quarters - and usually comes BEFORE SSDI??

    If you are on SSI, you still can apply for SSDI. I hope you have done that.
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    When I read about Laurie Wells who was Dx with FMS I thought this was really telling: "Pain," Wells says, "shows up in my dreams."

    You know it's bad when...
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    Yeah, I saw this. Isn't it great that we're in the worst state for awarding disability? And I loved the chart that showed the exponential rise in unmet claims since 2000, the year G. Bush took office. I also worked since I was 16. Oh, well.

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