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    So far no income after one month. However my husband will have around 500 by tomorrow but that no going to help much.
    Our apt. manager (understandably) wants the rent which is now with interest so it 1025. , our car is about to be repo'd,doctor want me to make another appt in Nov. to discuss
    SSDI, I have a appt. for abdominal ultra sound next sat. (down the hill),barely no food left,no bills have been paid for over a month,car ins. is now stopped,breaking out in hives,huge flare up. Yeah, I'm freaking out . The apt. assist. manager said that they would get us until the 15th of the month to pay the rent,but if we make a car payment or pay for gas, some food we would have enough money. My husband is the only one who works .We would ask our church for help (and probably will) it's just they are going through really hard times too. I don't want them to think or feel like we are just there for financial gain.
    Our families would like to help but they can't. So I really need prayer desperately. Our phone,tv, internet (if not paid by the 9th) will be turned off.That will drive me nuts as we live in a very small apartment and I have no friends here.My husband also needs prayer for severe depression. This is overwhelming for my family . Please lift us up in your prayers.
    Thank you
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    You and your husband are in my prayers. My guess is that your church would love to help you. The church is really where you should be able to go to first . Even if your church doesn't have money to help they can pray with you and maybe lead you to some organization that will help. Have you tried Salvation Army or United Way ?

    Praying for you !

    In His Grace,
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    Yes we've tried welfare ,Untied way ,salvation army ,ect..they all say the same "out of funds". Welfare could have helped us but..... the day after we had went to apply
    my husband's boss called him back to work. So we couldn't make the appointments at the welfare office for aid or food stamps. Our church has helped us in the past but they really don't know us very well (we've only been with them 1 yr.).
    People at our church are frankly sick of hearing that we need help. They don't even like to talk to me any more because they see me sick so much. I'm not really "sick" all the time,just in a lot of pain and can't walk,see,or hear well because of the RA. They don't understand why God hasn't healed me so they avoid talking to me about anything other than small talk.
    Since we moved out here (high desert) we have had major troubles.
    1. rented a house from a crook (he didn't own the house)
    we paid 1200 a mo. to this guy
    2. a month later my husband was hit(car side swiped) on the frwy.
    3.Husband hurt his shoulder at work needed rotary cuff surgery .Out of work for eight months.
    4. House was foreclosed on (surprise to us!) We had three weeks to move (thank God for the cash for keys program)
    The church help us when we couldn't pay the rent on the house (before we knew that the house was in foreclosure/and the guy was a crook) so they are very suspicious of us .
    Even though my husband plays on the worship team and my daughter helps with the overhead they still don't really like us much. I can't even talk to the Pastor without someone coming beside him as if to observe our conversation. My husband is happy with the church but I'm not comfortable there. But it's not about me. My husband and daughter are content.
    My husband said that he'd talk to Pastor on Sunday about things but he said that he'd do that last Sunday too so who knows? He doesn't want to look like he can't proved for his family.
    Other than more prayer I'm at a loss. I'm just really scared.
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    Dear Lord , please let something come through for this family and let it come through soon . Watch over them and give them an everlasting comfort . Send them some new friends who love with the love of Christ. With grace . Send someone who has an agape , non-judgemental love who can truly help in spiritual and concrete ways with paying for gas, food , rent and all other physical needs.
    I pray in Jesus name ,
    Amen and amen

    In HIs Grace,
  5. windblade

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    Praying for you - joining with all others here - for your urgent need.

    Lord, bring help to Daylight. Survival help - she is so sick Lord, and needs shelter and provision. Please provide for her - she has nowhere to turn.

    And we rely on you Lord, looking to your mercy and care for her.

    Asking this in Jesus' Holy name. Amen

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