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    I just got a letter stating that I was signed up for a perscription drug plan and the information is so confusing to me.

    Can you trust the number they give you to call because they are the ones supplying the info and they get the money are they trust worthy.

    I don't know who to ask for help all this medical stuff just is to much rewording of the same thing they said in the parigraph before.

    I think they purposly try to confuse you, just so you will say forget it and take it with out examining it.

    any help or Ideas is greatly appreciated. thank you.
  2. Lichu3

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    Go to This is the official government website. You may want to first look at what medications you need and then work backward from there to see which plan is cheapest/most applicable to you.

    I don't know exactly what letter you got but usually, you should be able to pick a plan rather than being placed into one. Also, I think even if you are with a specific plan now, you should still be able to switch in the future.

    I don't have Medicare but this is what I know from public health background. Check out the website.