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    I see so many posts here from people who are seeking an answer to their pain. From some of the posts, I think they are expecting a magic bullet which will help them. Unfortunately, there is no such thing for us. Seems we all react so differently to different meds. Even if I were to tell someone what has worked for me, it is no guarantee that it will work for him or her and there is no guarantee his or her doc will prescribe it.

    We see specialists all the time and yet, most people in pain do not seek pain specialists. Why this is so, I do not know. Many, if not most, other types of docs are unfamiliar with our type of pain and with the pain treatment options available.

    If one has a good doc who specializes in our illnesses, the chances are pretty good for getting pain relief, but if not, seeing a good pain specialist can make all the difference.

    We are entitled to relief from our pain. It is every patient's right. If your doc is not providing this relief, find a good pain specialist.

    Love, Mikie
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    you are so right on the $$ with this one mikie. so true about the meds. thank you for reiterating this. pts need to become pro-active with their docs for obvious reasons and if the doc isn't providing the care expected, kick them to the curb.

    even when our meds work, then sometimes we have to start and stop again or's a daily struggle and definately no magic bullet/easy answer involved.

    take care
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    I think your right on this one!! I've been fighting tooth&nail to get help for my pain of Fibro,disk herniation and Endometriosis.Its been a very long time that i've dealt without much meds. and its getting to me physically and mentally. At my next Rhuemy appointment thats what I'm going to do.....ask to see a pain specialist!! I know our local hospital has a pain clinic available.Is this the same thing?
    Thanks for the post :)
  4. Mikie

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    The name clinic can mean many things, but often, where the pain clinic is part of a hospital, it includes physical therapy and other amenities not usually found in a small practice. It is often the best of all worlds because being able to access massage and physical therapy, along with meds, can really help with pain.

    Love, Mikie
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