getting house winterized for free

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    because im on disability the govt will winterize my home for free even tho my husband works.

    im so excited since our money is spread thin this will cut my electric bill by a lot. weve moved into our small garage converted into apt because house was too much. my 3 grown boys rent house.

    well when garage was remodeled i guess it wasnt insulated very good. its 800 sq ft. i love it but the electric bill was 350 last mo.

    they will pump walls attic full of insulation. then do air test and seal them.

    i just wanted to tell you all so maybe you could have this done. i dont believe it.

    love gail
  2. butterflydream

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    Is this a government housing program that you qualified for ?
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    hear the good news. Hope the project goes well.

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