Getting IGeneX Results In NYC?

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  1. countfunkula

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    Hi. I saw a well known CFS doctor today in NYC. I asked him about getting an Western Blot Lyme test at IGeneX. He told me that because of laws in New York (and I think he meant New York City) all Lyme tests need to be done by local labs (ie. in the city) and that he cannot be the recipient of IGeneX results. He suggested that I go to a lab/doctor in CT or NJ to have the blood drawn and sent in.

    Is this true?! It sounds absurd! I've also not come across this issue in my research nor did IGeneX mention it when I called yesterday to have the kit mailed to me. You'd think they would have mentioned it when I told them where I live.

    Anyone know the deal in NYC?
  2. victoria

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    online at
    there are several doctors listed right in NYC...

    Sounds to me like he just doesn't want to deal with it, and instead of admitting it, wants you to go elsewhere... a long ways elsewhere!

    ('Cause IF that were true within NYC itself, he could've at least referred you to someone outside the city limits?!?!)

    you can also go to
    to get personal referrals...

    Also there's lots of helpful info at the lyme board here about other resources.

    all the best,

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    You may consider getting in touch with the State Dept of
    Health and inquiring as to what N.Y. state law says about
    your situation. The County Health Dept would also be a possibility as they should be following state statutes
    and procedure! Sounds dubious to me. I went to Palo Alto
    Igenex in person to have the test done. They are very nice
    there and should be able to answer most questions of concern.
    If you send the Blood, do it over night or as quick as possible to avoid any "mishaps" or a "dated" specimen.

    Best Wishes my friend!
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  4. wld285

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    The dr. you are talking about has done Lyme testing from Igenex 2x. The first was western blot and PCR. 2nd time was just western blot, now he is having me tested in another 6 wks.

    They were saying (Nurses), on my last visit that there were alot of different Lyme tests you could not do in N.Y.S, which I find absolutely appalling. If you are paying for certain testing and want it done, I don't understand how the state would have authority to stop you.

    If anyone else from N.Y. knows anything about this, give some feedback!


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  5. mrdad

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    Maybe the nurses were referring to something else. VICTORIA

    may be able to shed light on this, but my understnding is that

    the Lyme on the West (Left) Coast is different from other

    parts of the County (East) and there is a difference in the

    test depending on the Area. (?)(?)

  6. wld285

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    .....what I am trying to say is.....the dr. she saw (same as mine), can do some Lyme testing through Igenex. But they told me there were certain (what I don't know), Lyme tests that Doctors in N.Y. could not order to have done.

    He has already done 2 western blots on me from Igenex. I can't understand why he told her what he did. I am having another western blot (ordered by him and to me a waste of money), in 6 more weeks.

  7. countfunkula

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    Sounds to me like he just didn't want to deal with it as the test(s) you're getting are the exact ones I want. I don't think he misunderstood.

    Regardless, I'm seeing my naturopath next week. I'll just get her to do it.

    BTW... I'd be Countessfunkula if I was a she. I'm male :)

  8. mrdad

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    From experience with Igenex, I know they will not accept a

    signature by anyone who is not an M.D. Is you Naturopath

    an M.D.?

    I agree with hotperperfan; I'd just call Igenex in Palo Alto.

    How frustrating!

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  9. countfunkula

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    ... an MD. She describes her practice as "complimentary medicine." Does drugs and supplements.

  10. wld285

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    You're post really made me laugh. So sorry, sometimes it is hard to tell, didn't even make that correlation.

    Anyway, I've been seeing Dr. E since Sept. I believe, and so far he has done ok by me. It just doesn't seem like him to tell you that. I've read alot on this board and alot of research, and I have to see how he deals with treating my Lyme. I have already questioned a couple of things. I guess on my next appoint. I'll see how he reacts to my second guessing some things. He has always listened when I have anything to say so far.

    I went along with the 2nd western blot since I guess if you have just contacted Lyme there is a good chance that 6 wks of antibiotic can cure it. But now another 6 wks and another western blot I just don't agree with that. So that is one thing I am going to bring up to him.

    Sorry for rambling on, just can't believe he said that to you. And you brought a smile to my face!!