getting insurance with fibromyalgia

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  1. 627

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    I need help finding out if others have tried to get health insurance and have been rated outrageously higher than normal due to having fibro. (75%). Company did not care that I am able to function well and am physically active.
  2. EllenComstock

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    I am fortunate that I have worked at the same place for 17 years, but wasn't diagnosed with FMS until several years ago (although I believe I've had FMS most of my life).

    The past few years have been part-time, but I still have the same insurance. I think most of my medical care has been covered only because the doctors I've gone to have not sent in claims that say "fibromyalgia". They word it differently, otherwise I would have to pay the entire amount.

    A couple of years ago, my husband and I sent in applications for long-term care insurance. On the application, it specifically asked if I had fibromyalgia. Of course I had to be honest and say I did. Not long after this, I got a rejection letter because of the FMS and my husband was accepted.

    I am sure that if I tried to get health insurance now, I would have the same experience as you and be charged more or would be rejected like I was for the long-term care insurance. Even though you are highly functioning now, I am sure they are afraid you will eventually become disabled with high medical bills.

    It definitely isn't fair. I hate to think where my husband and I would be financially if I didn't have my insurance or was charged outrageous amounts. It's one reason I am still trying to work part-time and feel fortunate to have a part-time job that offers insurance. Just my prescriptions alone would bankrupct us.

    I hope you get more replies. I'm sure others have had the same experience.

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    One who handles many ins. cos. If so, he or she might have some advice for you. Underwriters are getting tougher and tougher on underwritten plans. Insurance companies don't want to insure anyone except the young and healthy. For everyone else, the jack up the rates to cover their risk exposure or they exclude pre-existing conditions. Some will do both. Others will simply deny coverage.

    We desperately need health care reform in this country.

    Love, Mikie
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    Since there is no test for fms and if you're like the rest of us all of your tests are normal, then don't mention it at all amd don't give them permission to review your records.

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    I couldnt get disability insurance and even my sister was going to get charged thru the roof on her insurance because of my fibro. Ive had cancer 3 years ago so no one will touch me now. Thank God I had my work plan for my meds and hospital care. I would be in a big mess if not.
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    probably due to FM and depression. Haven't tried to get long term care insurance, but expecting it to be a problem too. Thank heavens my husband is retired military and our health coverage is guaranteed and cheap. I had the same private life insurance before I got sick so my family is protected. Don't dare change it, though.

    Very discouraging, to say the least!!
  7. Mikie

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    When you apply for insurance, you have to give permission to review your medical records or the insurance company will not accept the application.

    There is something called the Medical Information Bureau (MIB). Every time your doc puts down a diagnosis code, it goes to the MIB. So, even if you don't include illnesses on your application, and even if the underwriters don't review your doc's records, if something shows up in the MIB, you can be denied, have pre-existing conditions excluded, and/or be rated up.

    Insurance agents and brokers work on a commission. It is a waste of their time to apply without disclosing any health condition. Listen carefully to the questions the agent asks when you apply. Some only ask you to go back several years. Others ask if you have ever had symptoms of, or been treated for, conditions.

    There is a section on the application where one must swear that the info is true and complete. To falsify info is commiting fraud and is a crime. While it is seldom prosecuted, it just isn't worth the stress and almost always ends up in being denied. When an insurance company finds one has lied, they don't want to insure that person. If the applicant had told the truth, he or she may have obtained coverage with a rate up or an exclusion for a pre-existing condition.

    Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie