Getting Married Moving To Cornwall Ontario, Anyone There??

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by sharon5650, Nov 25, 2005.

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    Hi guys, me again, right now I am in Montreal, Quebec. However, in June next year I will be moving to Cornwall Ontario, then married sometime in August, have not set an exact date yet. Sometimes I wonder why me?? I am so dam sick all the time, and he knows it too...You know at first I was always trying my best to hide it a bit, as we were going back and forth from Montreal to Cornwall, Ontario. (not far) but far enough for him not to see what I go through all the time.. As time went on, eventually, he began to either see or hear, most of the time I can't talk, from just pure exhaustion, infections etc. well you know what I mean, I am sick now. I am on anti-biotics now for another throat and sinus infection and can not talk, just got off of them not to long ago, then it was the dam yeast.
    So you see, he has seen it all, but kind of scared when we are married a living together, and I am crashed out for a couple of days unable to move...I have told him, warned him, showed him all the sites here on the internet, told him to back out now if he wants to, but he says you just the way you are. He has things set up for me that when I go there, I will be in a fibro swimming class/massage therapist/naturopath doctor...go to its in Cornwall...thats where I will be going ..he has the whole plan laid out ...he is so wonderful...Told me not to worry, we will have a cleaning lady, and if I want to work I can, and if not thats ok too...I work PT now...but would love to get somewhat better and continue to work PT for myself, to get up in the morning and fix myself up, otherwise I hang around in pjs looking like grandma go go...going no where. He is now renovating the basement for my 15 yrs old daughter and putting in an extra bathroom for her, so she'll have her own privacy. He is one in a million, but you know what??? I am having a hard time dealing with all the good stuff cause I find it overwhelming, it has actually stressed me out...and I am in a relapse lately. Crazy I know, even told him and he laughed, but I can't even have fun and enjoy it, but bang it hits me right to the ground. Such a dam terrible disease, no one knows but us eh? Everytime my life changes and my rountine is turned around, you can rest assure I am going into a big flare!! and thats where I am at now. Tomorrow he is coming up, we can't do much, cause I am house bound until I feel better, but he says no problem, "I'll be housebound with you" as long as I am with you" so who knows, hope it works. Never thought I would fall in love again, but it happened, and thank-god it happened with him, as he is so wonderful, and I just wanted to share it all with you. I also wish I could invite all of you to my wedding, wouldn't that be nice?????? we would be like a bunch of old biddies complaining about all our problems...hahah...
    your everlasting friend up hear in Canada...sharon5650 Oh by the way!!! Yes ...I met him on the internet...where else?? I don't get out...
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    Just wanted to say congratulations on your upcoming wedding !!

    He sounds like a keeper....hope things turn out wonderful for you both !!

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    I think you are very lucky to have found a man like him. Don't give him up!
    I'm not in Cornwall but in Toronto. I think there are some on the board from Ottawa.

    All the best.
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    Congrats on your impending marriage. He sounds like an absolute sweetheart. I married one 7 years ago. Best thing (apart from my kids) that I've ever done. We're best everything to each other.

    I can remember wondering when the bomb was going to drop when I first started dating my husband. At the time I had a 16 and 14 year old at home. They were very good at sabataging relationships! He had infinite patience one won everyone over.

    We live about 45 minutes from Cornwall in a little hole in the wall called Hammond. We were just through Cornwall on Saturday, going to the outlet mall. I just love the shopping in Massena. So much variety in the grocery stores. I picked up a 22 pound turkey for Xmas for $9.50!

    All the best and I hope your flare settle's down. I'm finding the crazy weather this fall is driving my fibro nuts. Plus all those age related tests I've had to have the last month. Today's the barium enema, then it better be over for a while!

    Wish me luck!


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