Getting nervous about Dr Appt tomorrow...

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Quequay, Jan 9, 2003.

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    I wish my old doctor didn't leave the practice. I am seeing another dr tomorrow and I am not to thrilled. I printed out material and got my pain book and wrote all my concerns down. I saw her once before when my old doctor was off and she made the impression that FM and CFS can be handled by using your mind to tell yourself to stop hurting. Well I have been doing that for the past 547 days and still no relief. (yes I count the days). I filed for disability and knew my old doctor talked about it but with this new one I am not sure she will be willing to help me like my old doc. She was great, would call me at home to see how I was doing and would research along with me. I am trying to stay calm but my body is pulsing with pain. I have TMJ and about an hour a go I couldn't move cause my jaw hurt so much. Took a ton of advil and it loosend up the joint and dulled the pain to a tolerable level. Now I have to get my husband to wash my cat. He found out how to open the cellar door and played in the coal bin so now my nice orange and white cat is dull and grey...Sometimes he's just too much...lucky I like him!!

    Just venting my nervousness...appt at 2pm tomorrow...already I am having muscle spams...maybe it is good cause she will see what I go through!!!(I keep looking for that silver lining)

    Have a wonderful night all!

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    How did your dr. appointment go? I can relate to your nervousness as I will be seeing a new rheumatologist in a couple of months. Wishing you lots of luck,
    PS maybe you can give me a few pointers on how to be prepared to see a new dr.
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    Hi, Yes I was so nervous and the appt didn't go so well. I posted my experience under "I Give up...." post. Don't get discouraged by my experiance. I vented out my frustrations in that post and it felt good to hear from the wonderful people on this board. I am now searching for another doctor.
    Keep your ground at your visit, don't let them make you feel worse. You will know right off if the doctor is right. My old doctor felt like a good friend and I hope to find another like her.
    Good luck on your appt!!!