Getting off of OxyContin need support

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by LouiseO, Mar 10, 2003.

  1. LouiseO

    LouiseO New Member

    I have been gettin really bad mood swings. I'm pretty sure it is the oxy.
    Called my doctor today. I'm on 40 mgs. a day now. I am cutting back 10mg every 5 days, until I'm off. She also called me in a patch to help with any withdraws I may have. I hope and pray I don't.
    Today is my first day. So if you have any good wishes out there. I sure could use a few. Thank you so very much,

    Luv Ya Much, Louise xoxoxo

    P.S. Sending all the ((((((((( hugs ))))))))) to all that need them.[This Message was Edited on 03/10/2003]
  2. stillafreemind

    stillafreemind New Member

    I hope this finds you doing well. I know this is scary and I just wanted you to know that someone was thinking about you and saying a little prayer for you.

    I hope it goes well..and please let us know if we can help or update us on how it is going.

    Going to bump this so maybe someone who has gone through this with oxy can help you.
    wishing you the best, Sher
  3. Debgene56

    Debgene56 New Member

    I'm so sorry your going thru this. I have some advice. Do this very slowly and take your time. I took xanax for 6 years, 3 mgs a day ahigh dose from what I understand. I went to a detox place. I though they were going to detox me with something else. They did it cold turkey and gave me librium while I was there, and sent me home with nothing. That is where the fun began. I had a rough rocky road. So again make sure you do this very slowly, maybe talk to your doc and see if there is something you can take to ease the process. Good luck to you, let me know how you make out. Hugs and love to you, Deb
  4. JP

    JP New Member

    Hello Louise,

    I started Oxycontin about a month ago, for a month. I had a side effect that was not worth taking the medication for me. I did a little research before trying the medication. The maker of Oxycontin claims that you can just stop taking Oxycontin without withdrawal up to 60mgs a day. I have not tried this. I was on 20 mgs a day for a month stopped cold and only noticed that the side effect went away and my pain was more intense in the morning. I loved the long acting medication for less night time pain. I use a short acting pain medication with better results. Check out what the maker says and check it out with you doctor.

    Good luck,
  5. griswoldgirl

    griswoldgirl New Member

    and I did fine. I am glad to hear you are tapering because your body builds a physical additiction to it. I hope it works out for you.

    I am on ms contin now, was on something called avinza which was great, but too much $$$ and my insurance only covers 50% so ms contin for now--I have less problems with it than I had with oxy.

    Hope you are hanging in there

  6. mastersinger

    mastersinger New Member

    I know the mood swings can be scary-I am bi-polar and have them from time to time,although I am on medication for that. Very best of luck-there is an end in sight. Mastersinger
  7. mastersinger

    mastersinger New Member

    Hi! congrats to you on getting off Xanax. That is a pretty high dose. I take 3=.5 a day. I sometimes wish I could wean down,but I need it. I know the horrible feeling when you don't take a dose. I started on it because of anxiety and phobias. It helped tremendously. That was back in 1985. I also have bi-polar, along with FM and CFS. Do you take any other drug in replacement or stayed cold turkey? Bless you! Mastersinger
  8. Lynda B.

    Lynda B. New Member

    I can only image that the really hard part may come two weeks or two months or a few months down the line.

    I know that biofeedback works for me and warm water light work outs are that best for me. You have all my support and hope it all goes well. It is so much harder than some people think. Watch for depression too.

    Take care,

    Lynda Bower
  9. catgal

    catgal New Member

    I know meds affect people differently, and people respond differently to going off of them. If cutting down 10mgs every 5 days works for you without much discomfort then you are very fortunate. Of course, much of this will depend on how long you were on the oxy.

    Otherwise, I agree with Sandy. I was on oxy 10mgs 3x's a day for two years {a total of 30mgs a day}, upped it in December to 20mgs 3x's a day. So I've gone from 30mgs a day to 60mgs a day literally doubling my dose.

    I don't know how long you have been on the oxy, so that will have a great deal to do with the amount of difficulty you have getting off of it. If you haven't been on it very long, then hopefully you will do just fine on your present weaning schedule plus the patch that your physician has given you to make the adjustment easier.

    I tried to get off the oxy after a year of taking 30mgs a day because I thought I wanted to try something else. And even though I was decreasing the amount very slowly, when the oxy really began to leave my system--I began going through the most horrendous experience I have ever had in my entire life accompanied by a depression so intense and so black that I cried continuously and felt extremely suicidal even though I would never kill myself. There are no words to adequately describe to you the unbelieveable misery I went through. But, I also did not have a patch or any type of medication to take the edge off or help with the horrible withdrawals and discomfort I was going through. I think that would have made all the difference. And, I have known several people who went through the same wicked experience I did in trying to get off the oxy, and they were able to weather the storm and successfully get off of it.

    And since the oxy had worked fine for me, and I was just going off of it because I wanted to try another narcotic I had heard good reports about, but also had the same potential for physical dependency--I talked it over with my doctor, and we both decided that since I was going to be on some type of narcotic medication for the rest of my life that there no sense in putting myself through such an unnecessary horrible experience when I didn't have to.

    But, that experience gave me a whole new appreciation and respect for anyone (addicted or with physical dependency) trying to get off of a drug and going through such hellish withdrawals. Again, how long you have taken it has alot to do with the intensity and duration of the withdrawals.

    Last week I had pneumonia and was very nauseated, kept throwing up, and could not keep food, liquids, or my medications down. This went on for 4 days, and I started going through horrendous med withdrawals because I kept throwing the meds up. The withdrawals took center stage, and I suffered more from the withdrawals than I did the pneumonia and how ill I was. Fortunately, I was able to get over the nausea, and was able to get some soup broth down me and immediately took an oxy which stopped the worst of the withddrawals, but I remained pretty uncomfortable until I was able to get the dosage level back up that my body was used to. That was a WICKED, WICKED experience!

    You won't notice any major withdrawals or serious discomfort until the level of oxy begins to significantly drop in your system. That is why it may not seem so bad when you first start out. But in a couple of days if you are too uncomfortable even with the patch the doc has given you to help with the withdrawals, I would highly recommend you do what Sandy said and decrease it 10mgs over a month. Thus giving your body more time to adjust from 40, to 30, to 20, to 10, and then when you are completely off the oxy, finish tapering off with a much milder narc like darvocet for a week or so. However, if you haven't been on the oxy very long, you may not have much trouble at all.

    I hope you have an easy time going off the oxy, and that you experience very little discomfort. Your doctor is obviously willing to give you other medications to keep you as comfortable as possible, and that will make all the difference.

    Keep us posted daily on how you are doing for many of us will be interested in what your doctor gave you and what you did to make the withdrawal from oxy as easy and comfortable as possible in the event that any of us would like to stop taking it somewhere down the line.

    Wishing you a smooth withdrawal and hope that you can then find another medication that will help you without any negative side affects. I will be looking forward to reading about your progress. Take care, Carol....

    P.S. People I have known who have gone through rough withdrawals while getting off of different drugs have told me that klonopin helped to take the edge off and helped them to sleep when the withdrawals kept them awake.
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  10. LouiseO

    LouiseO New Member

    I just want to thank you all for the support.
    I have been on OxyContin for only 8 months now. The really bad mood swings start this past Thrusday.
    The patch is called CATAPRES-TTS. So far all I can tell it is doing is making me dizzy really bad.
    I decied to go to a Detox Center to see if they can help me. They might have a bed for me tommorrow ( Wensday ) I hope. Last night was bad. I had the night sweats bad. And bad restless body. * That is the only thing I can think to call it. I couldn't sleep, and I had to move all of the time. I couldn't sit still at all. It about drove me crazy. So if any of you have a few extra prayers, I really think I need them. I hope with all of my heart nobody else has to go through this. I will keep you all in my thoughts and my prayers.
    Opps I forgot I Think I have to be in Detox for 4 or 5 days. So any input any one has I would love to here it.

    Luv Ya, Louise xoxoxo
  11. Debgene56

    Debgene56 New Member

    Glad to hear you are going to detox. Withdrawal is a awful thing if it is not done right. My mistake with detox is that I did it myself. I did not involve a doctor, so nobody was overseeing my detox. Other people there for detox were treated differntly, where they continued the xanax while they detoxed with another drug. So have your doc involved in this so you don't go thru what I did. Your in my prayers and thoughts, Love, Deb

    P.s. Mastersinger I left you a post.
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  12. LouiseO

    LouiseO New Member

    I hope you all do not mind me bumping this also.

    Thank you so very much, Louise xoxoxox
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Louise, I am praying for you. I posted more under your followup post.

    Love, Mikie
  14. obrnlc

    obrnlc New Member

    hi louise! be careful of the "cures"for withdrawal, almost killed me when coming off of a fentanyl patch! I'll admit i did it rather quickly (stupid, but wanted to do it in long stretch of 5 days off) i probably could have managed the severe pain and weakness, unable to eat or drink, and constant diarrhea for few days, if i wasn't given oral catapress (clonidine) by my pain guy--who then skipped town 5 days on a cruise. i was so depressed and scared, pulse rate down to 40's and blood pressure very low, unable to walk to bathroom, and bathing took 3hrs due to weakness. even went to er (what a joke!) hoping the severe heart palpitations would go away with some iv hydration, then a coworker looked up clonidine (i am a nurse but assumed it was generic KLONIPIN) and told me the effects and recommendation for intensive care monitoring with my symptoms.(they sent me home) no physician wanted bothered by a drug withdrawal and i was turning to yellow pages and rehab centers for advice, didn't know what to do. TAKE IT VERY SLOW AND IF YOU CAN DO IT IN A HOSPITAL SETTING, ALL THE BETTER. Be aware that severe heart palpitaions can occur from the catapress, so if you notice this, seek medical help immediately. Please post how you make out--my mother also needs to come off the duragesic and i want her to do it in a hospital--not like i did! GOOD LUCK---PRAYING FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!! laurie