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  1. I don't know what is wrong with me. I have had like 4 serious issues in my life that has come up since September 08. My niece accused me of not being sick.ALl I ever did was go to sit down at the bar my son works. No drinking staying only about 20 minutes. I had no idea people would stat to think I was not sick.

    Now my sisters famly has started in about my faking and trying to rip off disability. Now I have lost her family and another niece.

    I had my hearing on thursady and now I start to feel like someone in my family reported me for fraud. I feel like I am not getting disability. Anyone can search these archives and see how long I have been coming here,struggling with this illness.

    Is it possible that someone tried to report me? I don't even leave the house. The whole process is making me paranoid. I don't have alot of confidence since I got sick. Do people expect that you will never go to a store?

    Now i think people are trying to take video of me. Please anyone who can help me through this. If I don't get this money I feel like Ican't continue anymore. Ruthie
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    Oh Ruthie my heart goes out to you. You're probably under alot of stress and that can bring on anxiety. An ALJ hearing can be so stressful and look how long you've waited for it and still now you have to wait for a decision. i think its so unfair to have to wait for a decision. a judge should give a decision at the time of hearing but they don't always do that.
    It's very hard for family members to understand fibromyalgia. Unless a person has it, nobody else can begin to know what it feels like.
    I'd say your stress levels are running very high and this is bringing on anxiety.
    Try to relax and the heck with what your family thinks.
    you're in my thoughts

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    Has something happened to make you believe that someone really reported you, or do you think it's just something you're fearful of?

    I think because you feel so much is riding on this, that you're very worried and anxious about it. Understandably, but as others have said...TRY to relax the best you can.
    I know it's SO hard to do, but what will be will be and worrying won't do any good.

    I'm a huge worrier, so I've had to teach myself not to worry so much.

    I know you've been through such a terribly rough time, but you have so much support here - don't you ever forget that hon. You WILL make it WILL RUTHIE (like that? =)
    You've been through enough to realize that you (and all of us actually) are quite a strong bunch, you can continue. You don't see the answers now, but you also can't worry about it right now.

    Do you have anything you're prescribed that helps calm your anxiety at all? If you do, take one, if not, do you have a Dr. who would prescribe a low dose of something to get you through this most difficult time?

    Try to realize which thoughts are paranoia - your mind running away and reality, the facts that are true. I know you're scared, but hold on..hang in there and know we all care!

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    They are so wrong to treat you this way. So what if you're able to sit at a bar for any length of time? It's none of their business. Many of us can sit for hours somewhere. You have every right to tell them to mind their own business. They're completely clueless and don't know what they're talking about.

    Put it this way, if the shoe was on the other foot and you had a friend with MS who you saw sitting at a bar for awhile, drinking or not. Would you think she didn't have MS because of it? lol Of course not.

    Don't worry about disability. Just tell the Disability people the truth. I told the truth because I wanted to be able to live my life to the fullest when I was able to. These diseases are relapsing/remitting so we are sometimes able to do a lot. The reason many of us are on disability is because we are mostly unable to do things and/or our ability to do things is completely unreliable.

    I told my Disability company that I could rollerblade, swim, go for walks, and ride a bike. That was the truth. Nowadays, I've gotten worse and I can mostly only ride once in awhile but I don't have to worry about being "caught" because I was honest up-front. They approved my disability because I am unable to work.

    Don't worry about your family. Let them do whatever they want but if I were you I'd let them know they're hurting you and you may have to cut them off. You can try educating them about the relapsing/remitting part of this illness.

    People like them can take a flying leap in my book if they're going to choose to remain ignorant.


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    they are treating you this way. Why are people like that? Anyone I've ever known that's been on disability have said the same thing. They feel like people talk about them saying they really don't have anything wrong with them and are just trying to get "free" money. It's just not fair.
    They should have to go what you go through, then they'd understand. I just don't like people like that.
    Hopefully you will get the disability you need, and try not to think about those people! You have to do what you have to do.
    Prayers for you,
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    Hi Ruthie,

    I wanted to tell you what my lawyer told me. Disability people do not have anyone out watching you. First of all, they are sooooo short handed, they don't have enough personnel to send someone out videtaping or watching people who have filed for benefits. Its only private insurance companies that use such tactics.

    Secondly (and most importantly), even if they did see you outside one day - say cleaning your car, or doing some yard work - that DOES NOT mean that you are able to work at a job 8 hours per day, five days per week, 52 weeks per year!

    The judges do not have to think that you are a complete invalid in order to qualify for disability. They just have to believe that you cant hold down a full time job. And you do NOT need to prove that to anyone other than the judge. Your family will think what they want to think. You cant and wont change that, so try not to let them get to you.

    I am sorry that they have decided to judge you in such a way that has made you so nervous and anxious...Only you can allow them to make you feel that way....please DONT ALLOW them to get to you anymore. Once they realize that they cant get to you, chances are good that they will give up trying.

    I hope that all of the wonderful people on this board can make you feel better and help you to stop worrying....I know its been a long hard road and you need all the support you can get!

    Take care,
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    Please hang on to the friends on this board! I have been through hell backwards and then some and they stayed by my side every step of the way, even when I only could read what they were saying and couldn't answer back they held me up and this was a saving grace for me. I am slowly coming back to life and able to live, I am in the worst flare of my life but so thankful to the friends on this board for saving our family's hopes and dreams.

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