getting pregnenolone in Canada - please read

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Shannonsparkles, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    FFC wants me on pregnenolone, which my body can't make on its own. It's used to enhance memory and energy, and is the base from which other hormones I am defficient in may be produced. In the USA, you can pick it up at the health food store. But here... you need a prescription. And the prescription has to be from a Canadian doctor, so I can't use Dr. Marti to get it here.

    So I saw my Canadian doctor today, and he won't prescribe it! When I saw him last, he said he would research it and get back to me about whether he would prescribe it. So I though, 'okay, this is going kind of slowly, but I guess that he is bothering to look it up means that he is responsible.'

    Dad went in to see him today for me (I wasn't well enough to go in person), and all the doctor had looked up was one blurb from a drug company saying pregnenolone doesn't work, and giving a lot of warnings on it. Of course a drug company would say that! It's a natural product! Dad's pretty bothered that the doctor didn't do proper research on it. From the date on the printout, we could tell he just grabbed one single shred of info at the last possible minute before he knew we were comming.

    So, ever undaunted, I called the one pharmacy in town that offers pregnenolone, and asked what other doctors here are willing to prescribe it. There are two. The only one I could reach was a wholistic MD, and his waitlist is till May, and he charges $200!!!!!

    Just need to vent. <:) You'd think that if my doctor thought pregnenolone did nothing at all, that he would at least be willing to let me give it a try.

    I can try ordering it from the states. I'm not sure they will allow it to cross the border though, because it's a prescription product here. Any ideas? What should I do? Would it work if I went back to my doctor and insisted he write this prescription for me?

    ((hugs & thanks)) Shannon
  2. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I can't imagine why pregnenolone would be prescription! I first bought mine from Whole Foods (large chain natural grocery store). Recently I bought it from the Pro Health store at this site. Have you ordered from the store here before? Do they check everything coming into Canada? Could someone from the US just ship it to you, or is that a no-no?

    Bummer, Shannon! I hope you find a solution.

  3. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    Thanks Twinma. It's frustrating to know that there is pregnenolone available in my town, but my doctor is too uninformed to let me take it. Dad's going to see him again tomorrow to try again to convince him to write the prescription.

    If that doesn't work... I can try ordering from the states. And, last resort, FFC believes that ordering it from the states with Dr. Marti's prescription written on it should get it through. The really weird thing too is that up here it's expensive like crazy. Especially capsules of a smaller dose, which cost about five times what the larger dose costs. Crazzzzzzy! The cheapest I can get it for is a dollar a pill. :mad:

    Tonight I will try to look up some info on it from reputable medical sites, so dad can have more ammo when he goes in to plead my cause tomorrow.
    thanks for the support (((( )))!!! Shannon
  4. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    I can't believe how expensive pregnenolone is in Canada! You can buy it here at the Pro Health store for $9.95 for 60 tablets. That's about 17 cents each!

    I have been taking it for about three months, and I think it is one of the things that is helping me. The tablets are 50 mg, and I cut them in half and take 25 mg per day. I know others on this board are taking higher doses, but that one works for me.

    I hope you can get a prescription for it. Can you just order it from Pro Health and "slip it in" with some other supplements? Or does it have to clear customs or something? Do they really check the contents of all packages? I hope I'm not suggesting something too illegal. Wouldn't want you to get into trouble! I do want you to get it, though!

    It's nice that you have a Dad that is so supportive. Yeah for good Dads!

  5. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    Dad was "on the horn" all morning yesterday trying to find out if we could get pregnenolone. He called Canada Customs to see about shipping it, and no, we can't fly it in from the states. However, and this is where it gets weird, we could DRIVE it in from the states. The reason is that if you bring it over the border in person, then they know you are getting it for personal use and won't sell it to anyone. If you fly it over, how would they know? Boggles the mind! And I was boggled before! (Probably due to low pregnenolone levels! lol)

    But dad didn't give up. He called many of the naturopathic docs in the phone book. Then I got him started off calling the holistic docs in the yellow pages. Finally he called the other holistic doc that prescribes it who I had left a message with yesterday, and actually got to talk to him in person. The doc (maybe a little weird himself????) said he "got a good vibe" from my dad, and would meet him for lunch and just write out the prescription for me, no charge. Dad just had to bring the lab work to show I needed it. That was great!

    And it gets even stranger. The secretary of that holistic doc called dad back in response to an old message on the answering machine from us, and dad started talking to her. And she told him where the holistic doc gets his pregnenolone from. So we were able to use the prescription from the holistic doc and get it from his own source, without having to go through the pharmacy for it. That's great, because the pregnenolone we bought is of better quality than the pharmacy has, and we were able to get the dose I wanted on the day we found out about it. So dad got me two bottles of the stuff today. It's about $30 for a month's supply for me.

    So, dad got the stuff, made some contacts out there with medical people, and learned a lot about our loopy med system. :) All in a day's work!

    I'll probably start taking the pregnenolone on Sunday morning. I have acupuncture on Saturday, which always makes me feel better. So I want to start with the pregnenolone on a regular day so that I can notice the effect on me. If I started Saturday and had a bad response, I might pass it off as too much activity, or a good response and I might think it was the acupuncture. I need to watch myself closely in starting new things.

    Twinma, thanks for writing in this thread. How long have you been taking pregnenolone? What made you start? What has it helped you with? And thanks for replying. :)

    P.S. Remind me to just buy some pregnenolone in the states and DRIVE it over next time I'm there!!! :D
    ((((thanks)))) Shannon
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  6. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    Shannon, I'm really thrilled you were able to get pregnenolone! What a crazy story on how you got it!! I'm glad your dad is so resourceful and persistant.

    Is the holistic doc someone who might be able to help you further? It sounds like you were "meant" to meet him (IF you believe in fate). Maybe he will become a key player for you?

    I was going to suggest driving to the states to get it, but didn't know how far away you were. I finally looked at a map of Canada and see that Calgary is, what, 150-200 miles from the states? That's a bit of a drive, but might be worth it every few months. I also didn't know how thoroughly they search cars crossing the border. I'm glad that's an option!

    I've been taking pregnenolone for 3 months. I take 25 mg a day. You are supposed to take it on an empty stomach, so I take it at 4-5am when I get up to go to the bathroom. I always wake up at that time to pee, so I just take it then. I also take my T3 at that time. T3 is also to be taken on an empty stomach and two hours away from iron and calcium. Are you taking T3?

    I am taking pregnenolone because my blood tests through the FFC said I was low. My reading was 19, and the reference range was 10 - 230 ng/dL. I haven't been retested, so I don't know if my actual blood count has changed.

    It is hard to say what exactly the pregnenolone has done for me. I started several things around the beginning of October, and I feel they have all contributed to me feeling better.

    According to FFC handouts, pregnenolone is the memory hormone, clarifies thinking, stimulates concentration, precursor hormone to adrenal and sex hormones.

    I have definitely had way less fog and better concentration.

    Some of the other things I started at the same time that I feel helped: Pregnenolone, T3 thyroid, Cortef, increased Prometrium dose from 100 mg to 200 mg, Stormy's shake, probiotics, aloe & lemon, garlic.

    I also started eating better. I cut down on sugar and junk food (not eliminated, but cut way down).

    So I think my improvement is from a combination of things. Pregnenolone is one of those things.

    How long have you gotten acupuncture? Is it for the fibro? Do you feel it helps?

    Shannon, I'm so happy you had success getting pregnenolone. I sure hope you have good results on it!

  7. Shannonsparkles

    Shannonsparkles New Member

    On my bottle it says take with food in the morning (I did), but I might try taking it first thing when I get up.

    I was going to wait till tomorrow, but the anticipation was too much, so I took it about 20 minutes before I left for acupuncture this morning. When I got there my pupils were way dilated and I had an emotional meltdown when the acupuncturist started being pushy about me needing to eat more cooked vegetables and me saying that I'm too weak to cook, and her saying I just had to to try harder or something and I shouldn't be taking so many vitamins. So I started crying. Was really foggy-groggy-woozy. Took 100mg, don't know if it has anything to do with how I felt today, but maybe with the pupil thing at least?

    Thanks for responses. I hope I can get a GOOD holistic doc, I feel so totally lost. FFC can only help so much from far away, and my MD doesn't have a clue, and my acupuncturist doesn't believe even in taking vitamins (she's been the best in actually listening to me though). Maybe I do need to start sticking my head into this new territory now that I know it's there.

    I've been more tired and depressed since starting the FFC, as far as I can tell. And my neck pain started with taking DGL, which they reccomended. Maybe I'm just reacting to the sweeteners in the pill and I should look order it in capsules - from the states, not cheep. I really hope the pregnenolone will help with some of this!!!!! My memory is just not there. I can't remember anything before today very well, just vaguely. Hard to follow what people are saying or to read a book.

    According to FFC tests, my thyroid is high. I'm booked to see a thyroid specialist in March.

    I started acupuncture in September. It helped with energy when I started, and it was so good to get out of the house once a week for for the appointment after being almost totally housebound for years. I don't know if I notice much difference anymore in how I feel after treatments. I wonder if I have come as far as I can with it.

    Kerrilyn, have you noticed any changes since starting on pregnenolone? We are taking almost the same dose. Do you take it with food, or no? Your pregnenolone is more expensive than mine... I wonder if you could get it in a higher dosage it would be less expensive? That's the way it worked at the pharmacy here anyway.

    I'll take it again tomorrow and see how I do. I'm feeling pretty discouraged.
  8. TwinMa

    TwinMa New Member

    Wow! I'm so sorry you had such a bad reaction! As a general rule of thumb, anytime you start something new, take it SLOWLY.

    Starting with 100 mg was probably too much. Cut way back on your dose. You can always work your way up, if you feel it is helping you.

    I only take 25 mg. I cut a 50 mg tablet in half. That might be a good starting point for you, too. 25 mg. Then, depending on how your react, your could go up to 50 mg after 3 or 4 days. Give it time to work. Don't ask too much of your body.

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