Getting rid of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

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    Hi all:
    Just wanted to let people know that, if you limit your time on the computer because of carpal
    tunnel pain, I accidentally found out something that worked for me: I can no longer sit at a desk
    (and I was a graphic artist, technical illustrator, electronics drafter) because my ankles swell.
    I had purchased a computer, but began noticing that if I wrote for too long, I was getting awful
    pain in my wrists, even an electric burning sensation in my palms.
    So I changed my situaton, sold the drafting board, bought a corner desk and a recliner. Now,
    I sit with the monitor in front and slightly to the right of me, recliner foot brought up under or
    near the corner desk. And I began typing with the keyboard in my lap. Within a very short time,
    I suddenly relaized I was no longer having the pain in my wrists. ALL symptoms went away!
    Now, I can be on the computer for long periods of time, with no problems. I realized that it was
    because, sitting at a desk and typing, your wrists are arched a bit. By typing in my lap, it changes
    the angle of my wrists, so that the 'carpal tunnel' no longer gets compressed. So, as we all need
    all the help we can get, I wanted to post this message.
    For PWC/FMS (us), if you are over 60, check with your local Senior Center Department. (Most
    towns do have one -- at least in Nevada. I hope in the rest of the US too) First, they have lots
    of info, if you need something repaired or installed, and you cannot do it yourself, some Senior
    centers have a list of volunteers that can come and help. No money is needed, or even asked,
    but you can donate to the Senior Center if you wish. Second, if having a housekeeper even one
    day a week would help, they do have women who get paid, and I do receive help one day a
    week. I just cannot make beds anymore. She helps me with laundry, or will go get my prescriptions, or will shop for me -- in my case, I only ask for help with bed making, vaccuming,
    and I can then handle the rest myself. I just do one load of laundry every day, so it doesn't
    gang up on me! Hope this helps someone. Penny

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