Getting sick of all rain we have been getting.

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by rosemarie, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. rosemarie

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    Yes I know that even this early Utah is in a drought, but with all the rainstorms we have been having I have been flaring. I don't remember this much pain when it rains .But then the last storms have included snow in them as well.

    I don't sleep well at all and I don't want to go out side to do any thing as it is cold and I get very cold easily, It takes forever to get me warmed up again and by that time my DH is too HOT and wants to turn the heat down.

    I don't remember how badly my muscles , bones, joints, ribs and every part of my body feels during a flare, I feel like I have been beat up by some one really big and he keeps sitting on my chest so I can't move and it leaves my ribs acheing really deeply. I feel like my muscles have tied their knots into knots of their own. I know that there is a msck truck out there with my name on it and he runs over me often. I know this because I feel the added pain from the tires.

    I feel like I have over done it in so many ways. I feel like I have walked to far, climbed up hills and picked up heavy babies. I dont' feel like me much these days, I want to sleep all day as it is the only way I can get warm and stay warm. I am so sick of the pain , muscle spasams, the feeling the some one is breaking my bones. MY feet hurt, I dont' want to go out to the store as the noise bothers me almost as much as sitting in church does, I feel all the noices, the sounds of microphones, lights buzzing, people chatting, squeaky wheels moving around. All the sounds just wind up in to a ball that feels like it is rolling over me back and forth and I don't know how to make it stop. Since this rain and colder weather has been sticking around here I have been having more headaches and muscle pain and I don't know if this is normal. I dont' get answers I need from my rehumy, his last visit he told me that I had stablized but I still have no clue as to what that means to him?

    My muscle pain is not stable at all it comes and goes and comes back again, my bones aches so deeply that they feel like they will break if I were to walk on them. MY joints ache deeply and where I have the titauium plate and screws hurts , stings burns and feels like it keeps moving around. I really don't know how much longer I can deal with this added pains in my world.

    I want to be more noraml and attend church but every time I do the sounds of people, babies crying, the lights buzzing, the mic clicking, and all the noise gets so intense that I can feel it in my body, muscles bones, nerves, teeth, all over and it won't stop or ease for hours after I have left. I feel like I am stuck at home as I can't stand all the noise's that have come with spring. I am sorry I don't want to whine about this. I am not depressed just sick of feeling rotten and living in pain each day of my life. Why or why oh me? I wonder but there is no answer and I know so many people who have it far worse then I do with the problems in their lives and they don't complain about it alot or that I hear about.

    What is wrong with me complaing about this DD, I just want to relax and get some good sleep, I want this pain to ease up a bit so that I can catch my breathe. Life is not always so bad and I am not always in this much pain, but when this never ending pain hits me I get over whelmed and don't know how to deal with the added pains, sounds, and life in genreal.

    Sorry for the whining, Thanks for listening to me
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    I just typed a long post to you and don't know where it went! It disappeared after I submitted it.

    Any way, I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry you're having so much pain lately and tell you that I'm praying for you and thinking about you.

    I'm having a tooth extraced in 3 hours and was posting about it and all the pain I'm having with other stuff, CFS and fibro and sinus headache.

    It's going to get better for us someday, it really has to. lol Hugs, GB66
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    I am sorry that you need 3 teeth pulled, they can be very painful and the anxiety waiting to have them done is really stressfull. I was a dental assistant for 20 years full and part time. So my big problem is that I remember each procedeure they are going to do. IF I shut my eyes and have the nitrus oxide it is like watching a movie of all the things I assisted with.

    ONce I had a little tooth pulled and had been put out for it and another produdeure , the assistant kept telling me to put my hands down and stop trying to help them. I could see in my mind what was going on and was jsut tring to assist like I always did. So it is a real struggle for me to have dental work done saa I know from start to finish every thing they are going to do during each procuduere.

    Then add my panic attacks and it is worse. I haev many issues to adjust to and learn how to cope with.

    My prayers are with you. both during teh extractions and your recovery. I Hope that all goes quickly and with out any complacations. GEt some rest after and eat soft foods and drink lots of fluids. Dont' drinkk thru a straw as it will pull out the clot that covers the nerve after the tooth has been removed.

    IF you can use an ice pack it will help keep any swelling down and drink lots of water. Bite on the gauze till the bleeding stops but don't clench your jaws or they will ache more. Advil is used alot or the genertic version is used too. I don't knosw what meds you are taking. Make sure you tell your dentist all your pain meds so that he will know what is best to prescribe to help ease your added pain, EVen if your on a narcoitic pain pill you may need a few extra. So talk to the dentist before your surgery.

    IF you use ice ppacks adn take an antiflamorty you should not swell up too much. GEt rest and don't stress, easier said than done.

    GEntle HUGs for you.

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