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    I am so urked (trying to be civil with words)!! I have had a rash on my thigh for four years. They finally was concerned and biopsied in in December. results were "non specific" with only showing lymph infiltrate. They just did another biopsy of the same area last week only bigger chunk removed. My GP (nicest word I can think of) called me yesterday and wants to see me today. I had to go through heck before I could talk him into letting me see a fibro specialist (who is in the same office as Dr Pellegrino) on the 9th after years of seeing a colleague of his and getting no where and a trip to the neurologist from hell (stated I was crazy). Wouldn't it be great if our only problem was that we were mentally ill?? Hey then we could get help both medically and financially!! Anyways, I am so concerned that he isn't going to let the referral go through to see Dr Djuric. Do you guys have any suggestions for me?? I have thought about switching Gp's but this area is so close knitted for the medical professionals (to which I am a nurse but of course not a member of the good-ole-boys club). Dr Djuric's office will be a four hour drive for me, but I can't take the pain and them making me feel like I should be ashamed of hurting.
    I know this is long and I do appologize, I'm just falling apart here and I know if I don't get help soon then I will be in such a depressive state that I will be crazy.
    And (sorry) does anyone have another member in their family with this? My mom has had symptoms for years and has the same GP.
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    I just had to reply because I have had the same rash and had the same biopsy results! One time it covered 70% of my body and I went to every Dr I could think of! It is so miserable! I have little biopsy scars all over my body! The only thing that we accidentally found that helps is Zyrtec! After a few days the rash is on its way out! Now, when I feel that familiar prickly sensation, I just start the Zyrtec at night for a few days and the rash never comes. I hope this works for you too.

    About the Drs. I hate going to the Dr! This is what I have found to help. Type all symptoms, concerns, questions, etc. on a professional looking document. Show no emotion but pretend you are conducting a business meeting. State your concerns, desires for meds, that same business attitude. If they try and grab back control of the visit, keep your wits about you (don't react emotionally!) and restate what you want from him/her. This makes a huge difference!

    There is a gal here who went to a Dr appt. He rushed into the room, did his little routine and then had his hand on the door to leave! This gal (instead of going home and crying) said,"Whoa there cowboy! We're not through here!" He was so shocked, but came back and actually listened to her! He is still her Dr and now says with a smile," Are we through?" before he leaves the room. I love that!!!!

    You are an amazing lady with medical knowledge and concerns. You have a right to be treated as such. But, first, you have to believe that and treat yourself that way too! Come back and let us know how it goes!!
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    Anng, has give you such good advice and the only thing I can add is to not expect anything from doctors. There's no point in getting mad at them --they are completely clueless.
    But maybe a dermatologist could help for this symptom.

    My daughter has symptoms of cfs/fm also and has had her whole life because I unknowingly gave her a persistant infection. She has had problems with eczema.

    One thing this disease can teach you is to be patient for the cure not long off.