Getting tired of doctor he is a SHAM "its all in my head"

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by Jane_Canuck, May 30, 2006.

  1. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    Well went to the doc yet again cause I wanted to follow up with the idiot on my blood work I had done with him.

    No gout, but it could be just not showing up yet.

    Now remember from past posts this is the man that told me there is no such thing as pain.

    Yesterday I got,

    So you are on nothing? No I am on B12.

    Ok so you are on nothing, how did the zoloft do you? Well when I was depressed it was ok I guess I quit it last fall.

    QUit? Yes quit.

    Cold turkey? Yes.

    Why? It no longer did what I felt you said it was supposed to and since I can never get into see you I have had to become my own doc.

    FURHTERMORE I added, Are you going to address my arthritis? Well that is why yuo are going to the ortho specialist.

    I thought you said it wasn't that bad? Welll I would rather they take care of it. OIC

    Now about this zoloft, says he.... lets put you back on it. WHY?

    It helps alot with chronic issues of pain. HOW?

    Well it just does... so are you telling me that the last prescript of cymbalta, which you idiot was blue and I told you I can not have blue coloured meds, was suppposed to help with chronic pain.

    Yes, Oh right I said so let me get this straight you wanted me on an anti-psychotic to help me with pain, now you want me back on another in my head pill, to help with pain when you have told me there is no such thing as pain?

    Well 100mg should do it. RIGHT? So why am I feeling like you are the one that should be on zoloft to feel better! Ok did not say it but wanted to!

    So I am not taking anything this man wants to prescribe and FINALLY am able to get into this doc closer to me that is supposed to be much better that has taken 3 months to get into..... sighhhhhhhh.

    But how do they feel that to help with pain you gloss over what you really have or in my case arthritis skip it to say pain is not real so take these it is all in your head meds??

    Grrrrrrr docs need to tow the line here and realize most patients are not stupid!
  2. suzetal

    suzetal New Member

    Your having such a hard time with this?????Um Doctor you called him.

    I just want to let you know that cymbalta works for me it has gotten me out of bed.I am sorry that it does not agree with you.Hope you find a doctor that can help you.

  3. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Can't count how many doctors I've "fired" over the years...this includes the Mayo Clinic.

    I'd find a different doctor. Yours isn't listening and he believes "it's all in your head". Sounds like you need to move on...
  4. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    hi Sue

    The question is though WHY does cymbalta work,,, that is what he would not answer.

    Why do you feel it works for you?

    i have seen multiple posts on the board about cymbalta and those that say it is doing wonders for them, However since all of this arthritis has been discovered and not being treated it completely makes me doubt even if I have FMS in the first place.

    But this being southern Ohio, women are not allowed to think out loud esp if they actually maybe right about what is going on.

    GL with the cymbalta but I always need to ask why as liver health is too important to me to take a drug a doc evades questions on.

  5. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    Hi WIndy

    Ya well I have fired many over the years too and this one was good to begin with but he snowballed into a freak when he let his office staff take over deciding who got in to see him and who didn't.

    When it took over 4 months to get in to see him this year and I had already seen a surgeon and had 2 surgeries that he was not even aware of then I knew back in jan he was fired I just kept up a few things until I could get into the doc here in town when he started taking new patients again.

    I just want the things that are visable addressed and treated, and the invisable things, fms on the back burner to see if addressing the visables reduces the invisable complaints.

    Being a thinker gets me into trouble but it helps the brain fog stay at bay! Man have you ever been so mad that no brain fog creeps in lol makes me think that maybe I am on the right track!

    I also believe if a drug mix they put us on is not working then I should discontinue, besides when I did and had no side effects what so ever, then obviously they were not working and never doing what they told me they would do.

    A healthy liver is one that will keep you alive! I would rather that then a sick liver poisened by meds that are doing nothing!

    So I live on love and B12 lol!

  6. This guy sounds like a jerk, is he a rheumatologist or MD? I go to one who doesn't have a great personality, he is a bit ummm arogant, but there aren't many who are knowledgable of fibro. I know they act like we're stupid!
  7. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    sO SORRY you had to deal with this jerk.

    I was listening to a program on RA and arthritis on BBC Radio this week. Had some top specialists on. They strongly believe that there is a food connection with inflamation and immune diseases caused by leaky gut. They said that most Rheumies completely ignore the evidence based research about this and are locked into same old same old....

    It was so interesting as these people were not alternative practitioners at all, but professors at esteemed institutes of medicine, so if they are agreeing with alternative docs then why cannot the rheumies take note.

    Theuy seemed to think the best thing was to clear the gut of strange bacteria as they said that people with our DD's all have strange gut bacteria. They suggested using probiotic and then elimination diet to see what increased the pain. Largely, they think we have too much Omega 6 too, instead of good Omega 3 balance. I eat eggs(organic) as they are loaded with Omega three. They said oily fish like sardines are too.

    Although one cannot generalize, it seems the causes of arthrititis and inflamation are often:
    dairy, chilli, onion, garlic, coffee, high fats like sunflower types. They say use rapeseed oil. Olive oil is OK for most but in some promotes arthritis.

    What we think are acidic foods, which actually turn alkaline in the body that rheumies tell us to avoid, actually are beneficial to most of us, tomatoes, oranges, egg plant.

    So Stormy's advice is now backed up by some big voices in trad medicine. They saw 40% of people in a fifteen year study have all pain gone, others some pain gone but a halting of progression, and others, about 20% not affected. So it is specific. The big issue was that we all consume about 20 times more Omega 6 than we should.

    I am just passing this on, as this no pain guy is a complete jerk, plus they also just found out that before giving methdexotrate that when they gave mitrionadazile(bacteria cleanser that is nasty too but works) that RA even cleared up. Sorry about spellings.

    I sure hope you can find a better doctor. Who does he think he is???

    Love Anne C
  8. NyroFan

    NyroFan New Member


    Sorry to hear about such a bad experience. It might be time to go doctor 'shopping'. Lord knows, I have had to do it.

    Why not relax and thik it over? Just do not swell on the old doctor.
    Think new,new,new!
    Just a suggestion.

  9. carebelle

    carebelle New Member

    A lot of Drugs are used for problems other then what they were made for.
    Just because your doctor put you on a a drug that is an anti-psychotic does not mean he thinks your pain is all in your head.
    Many of these Drugs work on different parts of our brain.Many of us have some type of imbalance which cause symptoms like pain .The drug works in that area of the brain and can control the pain in some of us.
    If it works ,so what if it was originally made for another reason.
    I'm sorry you are in pain believe me I do understand.Give the meds a try .Do not turn your back on something that could help you.I hope you feel better.
    If it helps most of us here are on some kind of anti depression drug.
  10. TxSongBird

    TxSongBird New Member

    It is used for sleep disturbances due to not enough serotoin (sp?). It is also used for panic attacks. A lot of meds now days have dual actions and can work to treat many different diagnoses.

  11. cmcd1070

    cmcd1070 New Member

    I moved to a new state, new job and now new insurance. I picked the closest doctor to my work so I can run over on my lunch breaks if I need to see him. I hate male doctors because every time I see one they are arrogant and pompous and want to rewrite my entire medical history instead of just going with what I've been doing for 10 years now and has been working alright. So, I see him, tell him my medical history and that I have FM, PCOS, IBS, GURD. I tell him what I take and that it has kept me getting out of bed and getting to work. He says:

    I don't really "believe" in FM, in fact I have never diagnosed anyone with that.

    I say: A lot of doctors that don't know much about this condition feel that way and I have been suffering under their care for a long time now. I need to know what your plan is to treat my condition.

    He says: well, I prefer to treat each individual symptom rather than treating it as a whole, under FM.

    *disgusted sigh on my part. Here we go again*

    So he tells me he wants to change up ALL MY MEDS. ARRGGHHH!!! and he wants to do more blood work, he doesn't want the work done by my previous doctor, he wants to do it himself. But he doesn't belive I have FM and says he doesn't need to see me for 4 to 5 weeks.

    A week later I get a message from him. My test results came back abnormal. There is "marked" inflammation in my body and he wants to see me asap for more tests.

    Here are the results of the tests:

    TSH in range at 1.02
    Arthritis profile in range at 5.8
    ASO AB out of range at 333
    C-reactive protein out of range at .9
    ESR in range at 12
    ANA EIA W RFX IFA positive H

    I get there and he asks if I'm feeling better. I say I'm fine, which to me means shut up I hate you. He says the results are out of range but doesn't think there is anything wrong with me and asks me what I want to do. I stare at him for a few seconds before saying "you're the doctor, what do you THINK we should do??" He says it's "up to me". ARRRGGGGGHHHH!

    I say, ok, since i have no MEDICAL TRAINING it's hard to make that decision. Of the results out of range, what might they be an indication of??? And if they might indicate some type of ILLNESS, are my SYMPTOMS IN LINE WITH THAT??? (for GAWDS SAKE! THROW ME A BONE HERE).

    He says it could be blah blah or blah blah, we would need to do more tests but no, your symptoms don't indicate those illnesses.
    I say - *ANGRY SIGH*

    He says, we should do more blood work. So he does. And I leave, feeling like I just wasted more money on tests that won't change anything because I have a "fictious disease" that he doesn't belive in and can't treat.

    There is a FM center near me but my insurance isn't going to cover it and I don't know if I have the money to pay out of pocket but this guy is a freaking GENIUS and I'm afraid if I keep seeing him I'll spend my life savings slowly in blood work that is going nowhere.

    Anyone have any idea where I can look up what those blood results mean?
  12. TxSongBird

    TxSongBird New Member

    ranges for normal or high or very high. That is what I had to do recently when I had all the lab work done because they couldn't find out what was causing me to have a fever for 50 days and swelling up like a balloon. You have to act as your own advocate in situations like these. Then once you have googled the tests results, make an appointment to sit down and speak your Dr. sternly about your health and what he plans on doing about your labs.

  13. Scarlett2

    Scarlett2 New Member

    Too bad you couldn't kick that idiot of a dr in his ba*#s.....let him know that YES there is such a thing as pain and most of us here live with it every minute of every day and it's most certainly NOT in our heads!

    I would look into filing a malpractice suit against him. He is certainly not caring for you OR listening to you. Even if you have to travel to Cinci, Columbus or Huntington, depending on where in So. Ohio you are, you would be so much better off. I'm in Columbus, and have wonderful Drs. Both my MD and rheumy are great.

    Sounds like he's pushing those anti-depressants pretty hard.....wonder if he gets a kick back on every rx he writes!

  14. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    Lets start by saying this "Chillicothe Ohio" ANYTHING or ANYWHERE south of Columbus is like stepping 20 - 30 years behind in time!

    I swear it is. We leave home to go somewhere sane!

    Watch repeats of Jerry Springer, I never knew this prior to coming here but over 65% of his people on his show were from .... insert fanfare here.... Chillicothe.

    Now also let me say this I am a liscenced pharmacy tech. I took a 3 year college corse in Canada before coming to the USA. I know the medical systems, terms, and DRUGS.

    Yes many pills are giving because of the alternative side effects that "SEEM" to be a bonus in helping other conditions.

    HOWEVER many side effects over long term are harmful to the user that is using the prescription drug for something OTHER then it was originally intended for.

    So why would I use meds for something I keep REPEATEDLY saying I think I may not have! He has never addressed my arthritis problem. I was diagnosed as having degenrative arthritis in my hips from the lower lumbar down to tailbone including hips and the neck from C4 up. I have it bad in the neck as the ligaments have calcified.

    Still I have no arthritis meds. If I did I believe most of the pain would just about go or at least settle down so that hte muscles would not go so freaking haywire.

    But since I am not listened to I knew months ago that I needed a new doc and, this one I have is in Circleville, home of the pumpkin show lol.

    The new doc is NOT from ohio originally so I think he will have a better attitude towards educated women.

    I have pretty much been a professional student and so have the knowledge and abilities to research and understand for myself a variety of theories on what things can do or may possibly do, BUT if a doc will not with his own breath tell me SATISFACTORLY what they do how and why should I trust him?

    I know my body and I listen to it with love, so I am not about to let a goofy doc screw me up when I have the power to say NO! and usually that is NO with extra attached ROFLMAO,,,, AHem lol.

    TYVM for your imput all it is interesting!

    HAGN it is storming like mad here in Chillicothe! Had several strikes earlier that took out the computer, luckily hubby has it wired so nothing gets hurt. Man would just about die if we blasted the computer!

  15. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    Forgot to add, For a long time in CHillicothe alot of docs would see what they deemed housewife syndrome,

    tons of women coming in that all they did was take care of the kids and the house and do ntohing for themselves and would depress themselves over it.

    So for about 20ish years you would see all these woman on drugs. Hubbys late wife was one of them she was on valium, for over 2 years.

    Finally she said Ffffffffff(#*#) this and threw them out! All she was doing was waking up taking a pill, and then she would count in minutes, not hours, to the MINUTE of when the first one went down to when she would take the next pill and then the next pill.

    Housewife syndrome went on down here from about late 60s upto and including the 80s.

    There was nothing wrong with these women that drugs needed to fix.

    Like someone said earlier, doctors at least in Canada, do get kickbacks for the amount of prescripts they write that GET filled. Only when they get filled do they get the $. Now I was told that is not the case in the USA but I am starting to have my doubts. But since I Have not worked in a pharmacy here to actually know I have no idea.

    ANyhow the train of thought here in southern, points south not including COLUMBUS, are you do what the doc tells ya cause he kcows we don;t and we will never question anything!

    Thus my current fix and frustrations.... oh woe is me. ROFL this too will pass and guess what if hubby gets his job i n Springfield Ohio then I can doctor in dayton and will be happy to do so!

    Oh well ok here ends my diatribe! Smoooooooooootchies all storm is geting worse again lol!

    HAGN Brenda
  16. kriket

    kriket New Member

    that it's all in your head. Does that make sense? Ditch him, he's not worth it. Keep searching till you find a doctor that is gonna stand beside his patients. May take a while, but it will be worth it!!!

  17. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member


    Yes culture shock was kinda an understatement.

    Hubby and I pretty much keep to ourselves as we just rarely find many we want to socalize with here.

    I have a whole train of thought that just derailed so this is a short post rofl.

    Oh ya you mentioned moving, also a hard thing to do. Hubby would require another job first. SO that is what we have been pursuing. Until that happens we are stuck here unless we win the lotto. If that happens then we are moving to Italy just to get outta here in a big way! THere is a 900 ad Templar Knights castle we have been looking at for the last 3 years. We think that is way too nifty to not go and check out.

  18. Jane_Canuck

    Jane_Canuck New Member

    hubby works in Dublin lol and has been applying for work all over hells half acher.

    too pooped to write so talk

    but then not that much to add.

    I loved Italy when I was visiting there and anywhere you move is culture shock so it doesn't matter.

    I have lived all over hells half acher too so I know lol!


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