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Discussion in 'Caregivers' started by billsma, Mar 6, 2002.

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    Hi everyone, I feel like I've been a caretaker all my life. My poor husband it seems like I've put everyone ahead of our having a life. I've been responisble for my mother for yrs even though I have a brother. She lived w/us most of the time & we just had her for 2yrs when she broke her hip. That was tough since we had no life for 2yrs taking care of her. I am also raising my grandson since 4, he is 14 now & has chronic lyme & fibromyalgia. He's a good boy & I'm glad we could raise him but again we don't do much. I had to put my mother in a small ass't living since I was getting afraid to leave her, she's almost 89 but its still up to me to go over, take her out, bring her to dr's & if I don't I feel guilty. I just get tired & sometimes wish I had a life of my own.
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    You sound almost like me..I been feeling like that for years..My mother lived with my husband, and son up to a year ago, when she was admitted to a nursing home after 2 surgeries..Things just got worse after that, she now is diagnosed with Alzheimers..But even though she is not in my home anymore, I still spent a LOT of time at the nursing home..I'm 48yr old, my son is almost 16 and I'm ready to start living again..It's a good thing that I have such a great husband..I also have a brother, but I'm the one responsible for Mom..I know how you are feeling..If I don't get to the nursing home enough, I feel guilty, why I don't know..I also have enough medical issues of my own, I'd like to enjoy life before things get worse, or I get too old..LOL..
    Just wanted you to know, I read your post, and know where your coming from..
    Let me know how you are doing..Take Care..
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    I replied to your post I think but I have to tell you this, when I was younger I was in the food store & an old woman walked over to the copy machine & was having a hard time, I sd can I help you & she was shaking & really old. I did & when we finished she sd thank you, I had to make copies for my mother! The whole day I coudn't get her off my mind I kept thinking her mother, is that going to be me. Well everyone I told laughed but I'm getting scared now, I just turned 61 & still doing for my mother, I think when will I ever have happiness before I'm sick or senile myself.