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    HI Rachel, and everyone! I'm ALL for that!! I'm new here and haven't done my profile yet, I,m new to site, computer, AND DX., but not to disease,.... and have been on the site" Our FM/CFS World" ,where the group is alot smaller and you get to know people better which is really nice!! But I like this site as it's a wealth of information,.. and plan to spend alot of time here!!!!So would love to get to know people as individuals instead of as a disease!! We already know we have that in common or we wouldn't all be here,right?---Not that sharing that info is not helpfull as well!!!!!!!!! So,
    My name: Cindy
    Location: O.K.C.,OK
    ST: Married
    ST: Disabled/homebound,...however am becoming freelance"Medical researcher",(CFIDS/FM/ME)!!!!Ha!!! Salary: Personal rewarding and gain of knowledge
    Kids: 2)-17 yr daughter,...21yr son
    Other kids: 6 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 puppies who are ready for a good home!
    Personality: People person with alot of sense of the point my daughter calls me 'a crack head',-----and the only crack I've ever seen is when my husband bends over too far!!!!
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    Good to meet you, Cindy!
    You might want to "cut and paste" into original post as theres a couple of replies over there, too.
    I think we're pursuing the same career goals! Unfortunately, with the same (gulp!)salary! I'd love to check out OUR FM/CFS WORLD, too. I like the idea of a small more personal group, also. But I've only been on here a few days, and believe it or not, you see the same screennames over and over. I'm sure sooner or later we'll get to know some people here, but I just kinda wanted to jump start the process!
    I am a huge people person too, but just diagnosed with FM, and its amazing how very very tiny chronic pain can make your world once it knocks you out of the workplace. I'm going a lil stircrazy here! I'm sure I will

    A) improve so dramatically and miraculously that I can jump out of bed every morning, yodel at the sunshine, and bop on into work for 10 or 12 hrs like I used to with a smile on my face and a spring in my step.


    B) find some sort of hobby to keep me busy and uplifted and motivated. Looking for something artistic, but I have no talent whatsoever (except for decorating and home improvements, which I can't do right now! lol)

    C) discover some actual real tangible way to work out of my house and make money that doesn't involve ebay, stuffing envelopes, or anything illegal!

    Oh, and I talk. I talk a lot! Could you tell? ;)

    Have a great night, see you around I'm sure. And if I hop over to your closeknit website, I'll probably use same screenname, so give a holler!


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    call you a crack-up! I read your first post and you are one funny lady. The proof is that even your teenage daughter knows it.

    Thanks for posting. I hope you are having a good day, and I also hope that you will post more so we can all have some fun together.

    PLUS, since you are a "freelance medical researcher," be sure to share what you learn with's great to pool all our info; the more we know, the better.

    Cindy, have a good evening.
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    hey rachel,
    watsup....on "our fm/cfs world" my user name is "notsopeppy"........only reason it's not on this site is it was alredy taken....i won't always get right back to you....(depends on how good a day i'm having..usually not good)....but send anyway...makes my day when i see it....ditto on our worlds becoming small.."IT SUCKS"....thank god for the 21st me & you a chance to talk & talk & talk & talk....yeah, i'm a talker husband hasn't spoken a word to me in 6 years...he didn't want to interupt......will try to stay in touch...somedays, i can't even make it to the keyboard...hope to see you on "our fm/cfisd/ira/irs/cpa/cia/fbi/dea...whatever.......i'm not saying leave this site..just saying see you there too...if you go there tell them "notsopeppy" sent you...we should all go to every is a good thing....have to go..hubby said typing too loud..he has to get some sleep..what a prob to have...p.s. when husb has time, will have him teach me copy & paste, etc. etc. etc. got a whole lot to learn about this computin' machine