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    Hi, Kids, Here's a game with simple rules and great flexibility. You can
    answer as many questions as you like; starting with none. HaHa. You
    can answer all or just some now and some later. You can add new
    categories if you like. There is no entry fee and, alas, no prize to be
    won. You can respond to a question with as many answers as you like.

    1. Interesting places you have been. Your answer can be one word or
    a paragraph about the place. Whatever you like.

    2. Common Foods you never eat.

    3. Highlights of your childhood.

    4. Successes on your job.

    5. What your kids did that made your proud.

    6. Goofy things you did in your yute.

    7. Colors you avoid wearing and/or ones you generally wear.

    8. Great things about your family.

    9. Irritating things about your relatives.

    10. Annoying celebrities.

    11. Places you'd like to visit.

    12. Your idea of a relaxing afternoon.

    13. Your best birthday.

    14. Great pets you've had.

    15. What you often take to a pot luck.

    16. Any goals you still hope to achieve.

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    Oh, Good! A new game. OK, here are a few answers. May post more later.

    Places I've visited. The first trip I took when I was a young adult was to
    Washington DC. Went with a friend I'd known in college. We went to the
    usual places except the White House which was closed for refurbishing.
    It was 3 years after JFK was assassinated. His grave site at Arlington was
    still not completed.

    We visited the Smithsonian. Didn't quite see everything. The Smithsonian is
    made up of 19 museums with sites in other cities and countries. Nobody knows
    how many exhibits it has. Wikipedia says 140 million. But what we saw was
    fascinating. The Spirit of St. Louis, dinosaur fossils, artifacts from ancient Egypt
    and from modern TV shows, etc.

    When my son was 12 I started taking him on a trip at the end of each school year.
    The first trip took us to San Francisco and San Simeon. We counted white cranes
    we saw on the trip. I think the total was about 14.

    Common foods I don't eat: Coffee, spaghetti, Big Macs, beer.

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  3. Mikie

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    Good Morning,

    Just saw this on New Posts and thought I'd drop in.

    Rock, I was in Washington too and visited the Air & Space Museum. There was a mockup of the space station, which was then much smaller that it is today. My ex worked in aerospace back then and some of his wiring was visible. That was fun. I did get to visit the White House and it was fantastic. I was alone but met a lovely Chinese-born woman and we visited the WH together, kinda like the buddy system. It was like we were old friends, despite our very different origins. I still think about her even though we were only together for a couple of hours.

    One of my favorite places to visit is New Orleans. I've been there three times. It is sooooo rich in history. The Old Absinthe Bar is still there where Andrew Jackson and Jean La Fitte (sp?) planned the Battle of New Orleans in a room upstairs. I love the food; the odors from all the food prep wafts into the streets. It is a treat for all the senses. One time, the Bicentennial Memorial had just been completed across from Jackson Sq. next to the Café du Monde. I loved eating the beignets late at night or early in the morning. Dinner doesn't start til about 8:00 and goes on for hours with drinking after. Glad I got to do this back when I could stay up late, eat what I wanted and drink booze. Oh, those Hurricane drinks at Pat O'Brien's.

    Ex's company paid for both of us to go on these trips, which made it even better. Those were "The Good Ole Days." Most companies no longer are so generous.

    I try to enjoy my life today as, sometime, I may look back on today and think, those were the good ole days. Sweet memories, like this one of traveling, are so nice to revisit. Thanks for starting this thread. I may come back.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    GB, you're lucky you didn't fall through the floor in that old house. My mother
    was always warning us about this, that and the other thing. She probably
    would have made a great safety engineer. I remember an old farm house
    site in SE Minnesota where I grew up. The house was gone, but the cellar
    was there.

    The cellar was like the one in the house we lived in: rather primitive. The
    entrance was from the outside, like the one in The Wizard of Oz. A dirt floor.
    The walls were made of rocks. There was a shelf with a few jars of someone's
    home canning. We got a stern warning about that too. "Home canning can kill
    you. Never eat anything that looks or smells or tastes funny."

    So because of mom and the fact that most of my working years were spent
    in the accident business, I am pretty alert to potential dangers. Gordon,
    on the other hand, is cheerfully oblivious. A couple months ago he was
    encouraging his brother to climb on a ladder to replace a light bulb. The
    ladder was on the stairs. One leg on one step. The other leg on a different
    step. I tactfully intervened saying, "Are you two crazy, etc.?!" They
    worked out a different approach.

    I also watched a great video on Youtube about the Florida School for the Blind and
    Deaf. A couple years ago I read a biography of Mary Ingalls, Laura's older sister.
    It focused on her years at the Iowa School for the Blind. Mary spent most of her
    life with her family in De Smet, S. Dakota where Laura and Almanzo lived
    before they moved to Missouri.

    Is your sister still living? What has she been doing?
    Thanks for the info on Florida fort. I took a tour of it on Youtube.

  5. ConfusedInPA

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    Well, here's my contributions:

    10. Irritating celebrities: Miley Cyrus; anything Kardashian

    13. My best birthday: 30! I stopped counting after that. :) Yes, I really did. If someone asks me how old I am, I stumble and say well you have to subtract from 195*. LOL

    14. Great Pets I've Had: PUNKIN! My first "rescued/adopted" kitten. I was 30, working way over 40 hours a week, feeling lonely when I got home.

    My next-door worker said "Stop at Wally's Aquarium & Supplies". I said WHY. She said ... "there are kittens in the back, and I think it would be just great for you!"

    So I did. I pulled into the parking lot, still dressed in my office clothes. I remember it was a green linen dress with a black belt and black shoes. And they knew why I was there (Mary Jean called them).

    So I was taken to the back area. Put into a room. And an employee came in, covered in kittens! It was soooo sweet.

    Well, one kitten wriggled out of the worker's arms. Jumped into my arms. And that was my PUNKIN! Latched right on to the shoulders of my linen dress!!!!

    They got me all set up with litter box, food bowls, dry food, canned food, etc. And Punkin went to the vet on Saturday, with an A-OK from the vet.

    Alas, my Punkin developed a blood cancer at 4.5 years old. At that time she had a playmate living with her, my Ittle Bittle. When Punkin passed, Ittle got another playmate, Casey.

    And the cycle went on..... And continues to go on with our current cats. (Others have come and gone over the years, they are missed too.) Punkin started the cycle, and she keeps it going. Miss ya my Punkin, and all my other kitties over the years!

    It's sad, but it is uplifting. I doubt I would have cats, if it weren't for Mary Jean and Punkin. :)

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  6. sunflowergirl

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    Great post.

    MIkie: I also LOVE New Orleans, love the sounds, the smells, the food, the feelings you get entering the old buildings. I think I've been there 3 times, but I read about it so much when I was growing up I felt like I was coming home. Our family went there when our kids were about 11,9,7 or there abouts. My DD hated everything about it, but my sons and I loved the smells when we walked into an old shop. Hard to explain to someone who hasn't been there.

    Mmmmmm. My best birthday would have to be when my DH and I went to Key West and we ate the MOST wonderful dinner ever at Louie's Back Yard. Mikie....ever been there?

    My friend and I laugh about when we were young and silly and we stomped grapes with our barefeet at a wine festival. We were the only ones to volunteer to climb into the vats. So much fun.

    I look back to my youth in wonder in awe at what I did. I was in choir in HS. and sang a solo in front of about 300 people, but after that I would sing in piano bars.Went on a trip to Europe by myself (well with a group of total strangers, everybody single).....anybody remember the movie, "if it's tuesday it must be Belgium"? 3 weeks I signed up for a tour to Europe, England, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, French Riviera, and France. I was a young, wild, american and I basically went first class, staying at the best hotels. Who could afford that now? I was on a secretary's budget. There were so many nights we didn't even bother going to bed, just stayed up all night and got home in time to put our luggage on the bus.
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  7. Windytalker

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    1. Versailles...The gardens. You can't see them until you get past the palace entry. I was all so beautiful.

    2. Jello (yuck!).

    3. Seeing Shirley Templeton's play was stuffed with dolls (I was about 9). Her brother was a friend of my parents.

    4. When hubby and I moved from CA to MO, neither of us had a job. He started consulting and I started handling the paperwork/legal stuff. The first big check we got was more than we both made in one year while in CA.

    5. My son is borderline was hard for him. After floundering for several years after graduation, he decided to become an RN. He's been very successful in his profession. Although he'll be 50 next February, he's still quite the surfer and loves motocross. He's also given me a beautiful granddaughter. Couldn't be prouder!!!

    6. Dug tunnels in a vacant lot across the street from us. They were deep and could have caved in at any moment.

    7. Purple

    8. Our family is very integrated (German & Mexican Daughter-in-Laws), Jewish [2]).

    9. Our family is spread too far apart.

    10. Most celebs are annoying these days. Whatever happened to "class" and/or "dignity"?

    11. I'd love to go back to Ireland. I've only seen Cork.

    12. My very FIRST birthday party...when I turned 60.

    13. Reading a good book.

    14. Picked up a kitten from an animal shelter. I was told she was 8 weeks old...NOT! When we saw the vet, he said she was about 6 weeks old. I had to hand feed her (I could hold her in my hand). I loved her dearly and she loved me...I had her until she was 16. I still miss my "BeBe".

    15. Deviled eggs.

    16. I inherited about 150+ years worth of photos, slides, movies that I've been trudging through for several years. It's my goal to get what remains organized and most scanned for my extended family before my toes turn up (I've had to toss thousands...literally). I'm the only one left who knows who is who and I'm not getting any younger (I'll be 76 in a couple of months).

    That's my story and I'm sticking to it.o_O
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  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Diane, I agree with you. The Kardashians are high on the annoyance scale. Hard to
    imagine who finds them so fascinating. In recent years we've also had Lindsay Lohan,
    Justin Bieber, and Charlie Sheen. We haven't been hearing much about them recently.
    Could it be they've grown up?

    Loved your story about Punkin. Interesting that you remember what you were
    wearing so many years ago. I can't imagine a man doing that. I bet you looked very
    classy in your green and black ensemble.

    GB, your description of yourself reminds me of Nancy Drew, Girl Detective. Never
    read any of the many Nancy Drew books (by many authors over the decades), but
    I've read about her. A feisty teen age girl who solved mysteries and had no end
    of fascinating adventures.

    The only cats I ever had were feral ones, but many of them were/became very tame
    and would come in the house and nap. They liked to have something to nap on, even
    it if was just a piece of newspaper. One used my shoe (no foot in it) for a pillow one
    time. Anyhoo, when I saw what they wanted I used to give them kitchen towels
    to lie on. At our previous house we sometimes had 9 cats waiting for food outside
    the back door. (The landlord didn't allow pets.) We also had possums, raccoons,
    and skunks who stopped by. They all loved the kitty chow.

    The only time I ever saw a Russian Blue was at a cat show in Santa Monica. All kinds
    of exotic cats. And one snake. An albino python some 15 feet or so long. For a
    modest fee you could have your pic taken with Blondie draped around you. I like
    snakes, but I thought it was too risky. When if it were startled by a loud noise or
    a dog got into the auditorium and caused a commotion?

    Sun, I remember If It's Tuesday This Must Be Belgium. But only vaguely. I
    thought maybe Tuesday Weld was in it. But no, it was Suzanne Pleshette, the
    beautiful baritone (as opposed to Bea Arthur, the big baritone).

    Never been to New Orleans. Our neighbors at our old place with all the cats used
    to go to Mardi Gras frequently. Always brought us some beads. They often talked
    about buying a place in the French Quarter, but that really wasn't practical since
    they were in show biz (costumers) and worked in Los Angeles.

    The birthday I most remember is my 15th. My parents picked me up from summer
    (aka Bible) Camp. On the way home we stopped at a modest cafe for lunch. I
    ordered a banana split. My mother whispered something to the waitress who
    shortly returned with a flaming banana split. (A sugar cube soaked in some
    kind of alcohol. I've forgotten what was used. Vanilla extract maybe.)

  9. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow! This is a popular spot. I'm so glad. We all need to revisit fond memories and share they with one another. What fun!!!

    gb, my Mom and I visited St. Augustine during the Christmas season when everything was lit up and decorated. Yes, that old fort was a bit spooky but amazing for its age. St. Augustine is the oldest continuing town settled by Europeans in the U.S. I loved the lion statue with its paw on a ball. Don't know why; maybe because it's a big pussy cat.

    Rock, I'm the "safety guard" in our family and in our hood here. It amazes me that those on our big board have no sense of liability and danger. Our pool gate still doesn't always latch and, when I go over there in the morning, it is often unlatched. Oy! They think there is something wrong with me that I concern myself with the safety of our community. They are oblivious but definitely not cheerful. They will be even less cheerful when something happens and we get sued. I'm designing a virtual safety badge in my mind for you and for me to wear. The world needs the safety minded.

    Diane, how nice to learn about how your being owned by cats started. I hope your Faithy and Beety are doing well. What a purrfect time of year to honor Punkin. Our family has always had cats and dogs and I can't remember the first kitty who filled my heart with love. The first one I do remember was a little fluffy gray kitten when I was about three. I can't remember its name.

    Sun, yes, our lives have been quite parallel. I'm so glad we both got to do so much before we became ill. On DD's 40th birthday, we all surprised her in Key West. Her DH, my SIL, told her he was taking her there for it. My other DD and I, little Andy, and two of her dear friends showed up to surprise her. I love Key West; it's a loooong drive down there from here. There is a ferry boat which is slow and boring but one doesn't have to drive. There is an old fort on one of the Dry Tortugas off Key West which can be reached by water. I haven't been there but would like to go. At night, one can see the lights of Havana. I would also love to go there but it's so neglected from poverty that I think it would be sad. Wish I could have gone in its heyday.

    Windy, we kids also dug a tunnel in a neighbor kid's backyard. His dad even put lights in it for us. What was he thinking? Yikes!!! Well, it didn't cave in and it was one of my fondest adventures. Our town had a kids' pond which was stocked with rainbow trout. I spend many hours there fishing with my friends. It was right in town but in a wooded area and seemed adventurous just due to the setting. Sometimes, we played cowboys and sometimes Indians but we didn't play both at the same time. I loved playing an Indian and was always wearing my moccasins. In CO, they always had real leather mocs with beading in all kinds of colors.

    Just responding to your posts drew me into your lives and back into my own sweet memories. Thank you!

    Love, Mikie
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  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Windy

    Wow! You responded to all 15 topics. If there were a prize, you'd win it. Looks
    like we were posting at the same time. Well, you know what they say about great
    minds and same channels. Of course that's probably true of small minds too.

    Funny you should spurn Jello. A couple weeks ago Gordon was going through his
    collection of cookbooks. He found a small one that is all Jello recipes. Some
    exotic things you can do with it. I remember Jello was used to make a BBQ
    sauce. Honest! Maybe the strangest one combined Jello and Jello pudding.
    Hard to imagine what that would be like.

    Were you talking about Shirley Temple's doll house? I found this pic on
    Amazon. It's for sale. Ten bucks plus shipping. Oops! It won't copy. OK,
    I found another source. And lots of other doll houses. Apparently she had
    many. Very likely many were gifts.


    Your idea of a relaxing afternoon is the same as mine. I like to read in bed or an
    easy chair while munching on a crisp apple. Can't really munch on anything any
    more. Too few teeth. Uff-da!

    Hugs, Kids
  11. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Rock...I think the photo is Shirley Temple with a doll house. It was her play house (full of dolls) I saw after they moved to Brentwood. Beautiful place...but, considering the neighborhood, not surprising.:D

    I "used to" like Jello...but too many hospital meals helped bring all that to a screeching halt!

    Ah, yes, reading in favorite. Also, eat "real" ice cream (high fat so it won't impact your blood sugar)... and it's not crunchy.:rolleyes:

    GB...My genealogy is similar to yours. Or, at least it was until I had my DNA tested via I was told my whole life I was mainly Irish. Turns out I'm mainly about bummed!!

    Mikie...I'm also a CO gal, but left the state for CA when I was 4. I remember my first pair of moccasins. I was totally thrilled but then realized I could still feel the rocks. I'm such a tenderfoot! My Dad & Mom both loved trout fishing...I grew up with a pole in my hand in the high Sierras. It's my favorite fish (hard to find here in my part of the world).

    You had lights in your tunnel? Neat! We'd start small fires then have to escape to get air...stupid!


    Yes, this is fun...sorry I haven't commented on everyone's posts. I'm fading fast. Hope all of you get a good night's sleep.:)
  12. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Windytalker, Do they charge much to test your DNA? It sounds interesting.

    Thought I'd comment on the Jello since I just made some. I'm not overly fond of it but when I had the high fever last week I did eat lots of strawberry jello with Redi Whip. It kept me going. Now I want some more. :) GB
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Just popping in with some general comments.

    gb, I laughed at the comment about feeling the rocks through the moccasins. Every summer, my friends and I started out as tenderfoot kids but soon got callouses on the bottoms of our feet from going barefoot. Today, they make the moccasins with rubber soles but they are not the "real deal" that I remember from my yute. I'm back to being a tenderfoot even though I go barefoot in the condo; I don't outside. Don't want to track in dirt on my white tile entry floor.

    I used to devour the Nancy Drew books. We passed them around from friend to friend. We were the nontraveling sisterhood of the mystery books. A neighbor, who was quite a bit older than we were, got rid of her entire collection of them and we divvied them up.

    I've always loved Jello, alone or in one of the delicious salads Mom made for potlucks. We didn't have blue Jello back then but I refuse to eat anything blue which isn't that color in nature. I can't tolerate blue icing on cakes. AACK!!!:confused:

    Windy, I saw an ad on TV for those DNA tests. Cousin on Mom's side of our family has done extensive research on that half of the clan, even traveling to Ireland to get copies of documents. Mom went to Ireland but I never have. The other half of our family is Irish and German--Germish! :)

    This is fun but, alas, I must go. I'll pop in later.

    Love, Mikie
  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Call me crazy but I never liked felt funny it my mouth if in cubes. My mom always made jello for gatherings. I avoided it, I don't think she noticed. And I think I tried making it once or twice when first married, but that was it.

    There was a groupon coupon for a "really good price" for the DNA tests, but even at around $50 I didn't want to bother. Too many other things to think about and use my dollars for. My maternal grandparents came from Austria/Hungary and my dad's family from Germany as early as mid 1600s. I don't care to know if I've got neanderthal in me!:p
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    J-E-L-L-O! A sponsor of the Jack Benny program. We had Jello brand pudding in
    our house when I was a kid. My mother never made Jello salad, but it was popular
    at church suppers, pot lucks. My mother did make what she called Bavarian cream.
    It was Jello with whipped cream folded in once it had started to set. If you want
    to be fancy 'cause you're taking it to a party, you can fold in some fruit like
    Mandarin orange slices or strawberries.

    Windy, I hope those hospital visits are all in the distant past. The last time I
    had surgery I remember the first meal I got in the hospital. It was chicken
    broth. It was so salty I couldn't eat it. Guess I got desalinated while
    recovering from surgery (and medical malpractice). Yikes!

    GB, I wanted to go to Ireland too. I thought that when I retired I would go
    to all the countries my ancestors came from: Ireland, Scotland, Norway,
    Wales and Germany. Didn't work out. Now I seldom leave the house. Uff-da!

    My ancestors from Norway were named Harstad which was also the name
    of their farm. Now there is a city in Norway called Harstad. Don't know if
    it's the same area where they lived or not. Don't know if there are still
    Harstads there or not.

    Last night I was looking through a book catalog. I discovered a mystery written
    by an author named Donald Harstad. Looked him up on Wikipedia. Turns out
    he is a retired cop, has written several book and lives in an Iowa village only
    slightly larger than the one where I grew up. And not far from where I grew up.
    We are likely cousins of some degree.

    Sun, I had a German granmother (ein Deutscher Grossmutter) on my father's
    side too. Didn't see much of her though. She lived in an old house where the
    kitchen had running water, but it also had a small pump left over from more
    primitive times. There was a large pump (tall as I was then) in the backyard.

    Well, what, the heck. Just lost part of my post. Guess I'll stop at this