getting trigger point injections for the first time.....

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  1. rose38716

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    Tomorrow I'm getting them for the first time they didnt explain it to me. Is it cortisone shots? He said i have bursitis, so far ive been diagnosed with OA, Fibro,bursitis, whats the differernce between them...ALL I Know is that they hurt like ---- Do the shots hurt? Do they work? Sure hope so thanks Deb
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    Hi Deb,
    I have had trigger point injections several times, and they have helped. They're not the most comfortable things in the world -- they spray a cold numbing spray on the area & then stick you -- and you end up covered with little round bandaids :) The injection is usually lidocaine and they can help for about 4-6 weeks.

    Good luck.

    Jan ^v^
  3. healing

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    They sting when you get them -- I think, for me, the best way to describe them is it's like you're getting injected with a headache -- but they take effect pretty quickly and you'll be glad you had them. Promise!

    I am not a medical professional, but here's what I know about your conditions: osteoarthritis is the common kind that most of us will get eventually and it's usually caused by wear and tear on the joints. FM is a syndrome characterized by widespread pain, persistent fatigue, and a host of other symptoms that may include irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), rashes, reflux, name it. And bursitis is inflammation of the bursi, which are little sacs of fluid in your joints.

    Hope you feel better soon.
  4. kerrymygirl

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    Yes, they can be very beneficial for some. If you do not have to get a steroid inject.,such as prednizone etc. Do Not because fmers systems do not do well with steroids. I have had them on occassion for the severe tendinitis. It takes 1yr. to get out of system.

    I normally just use a caine of some sorts. I am so used to pain that it doe`s not bother me. I have had up to 30, one time 15 on each side from my head,neck shoulders. It was lidocaine. I was recently given something new in my elbow used in surgies. If a trigger point is hit, which is good, it hurts more. For bursitis sometimes you need to get it tapped if you are accumulating fluid.

    Do not take a hot shower for 2days. They forget to tell yo that sometimes. Rest after to make sure it takes affect...
    Actually you may feel it more next day if alot of toxins get released and moving.

    Just relax think of something pleasant and know it is only temporary till it works. Not like this dd.,that keeps on going and going.

    Take Care.....
  5. rose38716

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    Cant wait to lose some of this pain..He said something aboutdoing one for my migraines now that sound scary to me Ill let you all know about if im still alive next week LOL take care......DEB
  6. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    Cant wait to lose some of this pain..He said something aboutdoing one for my migraines now that sound scary to me Ill let you all know about if im still alive next week LOL take care......DEB
  7. 1948

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    i got 2 trigger point injections in my neck 3 weeks ago. for pain it stung like it does when you get a shot. but oooooo soooo much relief. i have no pain at all now. i had a spot the size of a fifty cent piece on mt neck that hurt and doctor said it felt like a rope like knot.i go back in 3 more weeks. the shots are fantastic and id have more if i need them.also for 3 months i could hardly walk right side and down leg hurt so bad all i couldwas CRY. i had back surgery 30 years ago same symthoms thought id have to have surgery again i had MRI no ruptured disks just where they fused disks is all MRI read.after pain left in sciatia and leg it went to neck. only wish i had known about trigger point injecions for those 3 months of PAIN.let the BOARD know how the TP shots work for you.. so long gainesville florida
  8. ladybird1

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    Went ot my rheumy for quarterly exam yesterday. Told him my
    neck and lower back had been extremely stiff. I had tried streching, Pilates, standing in shower and letting hot water pound on it, Ultram taken with Tylenol or ibuprofen
    with no luck. He felt my neck and back area and said I was
    tight adn hard as a board. He said cortisone injections
    would be advisable. His staff went to check to see if these
    injections were covered by my insurance. I wanted to tell him can I go check to see what my FMS support group has to say about this.

    Thrity minutes following the injections (I think I counted 5 ro 6), I felt 30 percent better. AFter about 2 hours , I got a very sick achy feeling. Struggled through the rest of
    the day. Called my sisted and told her what the doctor did in case I died in the night. Took my trazadone and Soma
    and went to bed.

    When I woke up this morning, felt 70 percent better and over half of the stiffness is out of my neck and shoulder.
    My chest is a little achy, but I also have asthma and mitral valve prolapse so these may be the culprits for my
    chest ache.

    Did not know until NOW that cortisone parked in your system
    up to a year....hmmmm.
  9. rose38716

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    The first one was in my neckHead really it was really sore for 2 days but havent had a migraine since..2 days ago i got one in still hurts but not as widespread but the pain is still intense..I dont even know what the shots are ...I'm going to ask him in two weeks when I go back I had to quit work so my insurance just ran out..Have aPPLIED for medicaid..I need to get other hip done and my shoulders..The hip He injected was the worse so I might have to get another one when i get a medical card..but the one for migraines really worked....I ws diagnosed with fm and sent to him..He's at a pain clinic..the first time he said i didnt have fm it was bursitus..then the next time he gave me fiorecet for migraines and he said to take the percocet for fibro...LOL...Just so I get the treatment I dont care what they call it...Im going to start going to fibro support group here in town so maybe I can find Dr.s here in town I have to drive 30 min. to go to my doctors now...It's so frustrating..and now I cant work because of the increase in pain..ONE DAY AT A TIME...god bless Deb
  10. rose38716

    rose38716 New Member

    So I have no idea what I was injected with..The headaches are back with nausea...I had another injection thurs. In hip didnt help hurts worse..and am having painful cramps in feet and ribs What to do?