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    I know this is really long, but I hope someone can help me. I was diagnosed with FMS over 10 yrs ago. I also have cervical disk disease (C6 & 7 fused) and a leaky mitral valve. For the past 2 years my symptoms have really gotten worse with some additional ones cropping up (Exhaustion, h. Pylori, EBV HHV 1 & 2 with frequent outbreaks (didn't know I had either until 2 years ago), skin problems, gall bladder problems, chemical sensitivities). I think my immune system is becoming more and more disfunctional. The only thing that keeps me from going crazy is Ultram, Soma and Lunesta but I don't want to keep taking drugs, I want to feel better. I'm a stay at home student/mom now and I'm afraid I'll be too sick to work when I finish school in a year. I'm pretty sure I couldn't handle it now.

    Anyway, I only get to the U.S. once a year so I've made an appt. with an M.D. that my brother sees. She tests for heavy metals and uses herbs and other alternative treatments. She helped him with Lupus-like symptoms. I'm also going to see a dermatologist because this skin thing is getting worse.

    Finally to get to my questions, I'm wondering if allergy testing is worth the $$. We're already going to be spending about a $1,000 on Dr. visits and our deductable is $1500. Maybe I should just get tested for environmental allergens? Everything I read says allergy testing isn't realiable. I've made a couple attempts at elimination dieting but got sick once and gave up once. Maybe I just don't know how to do it correctly.

    Should I have them test me for other viral infections? Would it help to know if I had them?

    Has anyone had success with treatment based on allergy tests or elimination dieting? Do you feel better because of having done it? I'm already underweight, so the elimination diet is really tough on me.

    Has anyone had success with alternative treatments like herbs and chelation therapy?

    I'll really appreciate any input. I know most of you feel or have felt at least as bad as I do and many are worse. I'm hoping that someone can offer me some hope that I'm doing the right thing and that I can reverse this trend of getting worse.
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    can be helpful. Ones that require you to starve or take harsh suppliments can be damaging.
    My young daughter was having behavioral problems. I cut out all sugars, yeats, milk products, hormonal meats, nuts and grains. After 2 weeks I slowly started adding these things back into her diet.
    A problem that my inlaws wanted to take her to a psycologist for was found out to be caused by a sugar allergy. She is the sweetest thing on earth now that sugar is restricted. A low sugar diet also affected my pain levels! Thank goodness this was an easy one for me to figure out.
    Blood tests for allergies and viruses can be affordable. I would get info from my doctor on the tests he would like to run. Then I would contact my insurance company to see what is covered and take it from there.
    I hate that the health care industry makes it so hard on us. We have to be on top of everything these days. I am begining to think that having a chronic illness is my carrer because I have to spend so much time on insuring adiquate health care. Sooooo frustrating!
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    It sure is encouraging to get both of your replies, thanks. I'm glad to know you found something that helps. It's just really hard to commit to spending the money (that we don't have) without knowing for sure it will help, but I guess I can't go on like this. Maybe if I do pay for testing I'll be more apt to stick to a diet.