Getting worse from NAET treatments

Discussion in 'Fibromyalgia Main Forum' started by donnaba, Jul 29, 2010.

  1. donnaba

    donnaba New Member

    I'm not very happy about this. I've had 5 NAET treatments to try and rid myself from chemical sensitivities and my symptoms are getting worse. First it was developing allergy symptoms in my sinuses and throat, then, next was feeling drunk for 2 hours after a tuna sandwich. Last night I put frontline on my dogs and felt high on drugs, it still hasn't totally worn off. I figure it's probably the mercury in the tuna, and various toxins in the frontline, but I've never reacted at all to these before.

    I've read that the treatments can cause temporary allergies/sensitivities but this is scaring me. I thought the treatments would help or do nothing, not make things worse. Has anyone had this happen to them? Any advice?

    Thanks, donna
  2. donnaba

    donnaba New Member

    Rainbow, Thank you for your reply. I had a liver detoxification profile blood test done years ago, and showed all my detox pathways were impaired. I didn't realize this treatment would get toxins moving. I thought it was just going to lower my nervous system's over-active response to chemicals.

    I guess it hadn't been explained to me that well. The chiropractor visits are short, 15 min, so discussions are short. She just said symptoms will come and go, but they only seem to be coming, not going. I tried chorella to help with the detox but it gave me upper gi burning so I had to stop.

    I also have been diagnosed with chronic lyme, so I'm sure that will complicate things. I can't tolerate treatment for it because of the chemical sensitivities, that's why I was trying the naet.

    I hope you are feeling well now. Thank you for the information, donna
  3. Juloo

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    That's really interesting about the gate points/massaging when someone can't avoid the allergen long enough.

    I haven't had any NAET treatment in the last couple of years, but I've had positive (and surprising) experiences with them in the past. One of my biggest frustrations was that day-long avoidance of the allergen. With the basics, that can be a really hard thing to do!

    Guess it's time to re-visit Devi's site to get myself updated.

    Thanks for posting this.
  4. donnaba

    donnaba New Member

    Hi Rainbow, yes she is testing after to see if the treatment was effective, and I do lay down holding vials for about 5-7 min not sure if this is part of the treatment, or after the treatment.

    She started right off treating my chemical sensitivities, I didn't really have food sensitivities until I started this. And I haven't really had trouble avoiding the substance after, she suggests for 2 hours, I wore gloves when needed.

    I did briefly try a methylation protocol, it involved 5 different supplement, but couldn't tolerate those either. Couldn't even tolerate cutting up into very small doses or taking just 1 or 2, literally felt like I was on speed. My chiro says I react to B vitamins, so maybe that's part of it.

    I have an appointment with my lyme doc who is a ND next week, so I'm going to hold off on further NAET until I talk to him. It looks like it has great potential, I may just be too toxic to handle it at this time.

    Thanks again for your support with this, donna
  5. u&iraok

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    Thanks for the interesting post, rainbow. I like the visual about your body getting clogged up and sputtering and choking:

    "Well, the "energy" of that anger that you are feeling because of the agitation at the dinner table can then affect your cellular memory... bang... starts the process going akilter.

    This same scenario can be taken down the line.... then once your body starts reaching a certain point, it just gets all clogged up and starts sputtering and choking....."

    About 15 years ago I got my first accupressure massage and I had the experience of releasing bad memories. It was so weird, I hadn't known massage could do that. Who knew you need body work to maintain good mental and physical health. Now I get them regularly. Everyone should get massages, it should be as standard as brushing your teeth.

    Donna, how did the NAET work on your chemical sensitivities? I didn't know it was used for that.

  6. u&iraok

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    It's like accupuncture but pressing on pressure points with fingers instead of using needles. It can be intense if a point is pressed that you really need, like once when I had candida the massage therapist pressed on a point on my lower back and I felt this intense burning in my abdomen, but it helped. You can kind of simulate it yourself but it's not as good--when my husband gives me a back massage he'll press on points as he goes along and it will sometimes work, but see if you can get the actual massage, it's great.

    I would love to get rid of chemical sensitivity, man are we living in a chemical-filled world, and I don't have it nearly as bad as a lot of people do--it just bothers me and sometimes makes me cough and a light headache. (Well, actually, what I'd like to get rid of is the chemicals.) Friday a friend took a shower at our house and sprayed antiperspirant. The smell permeated several rooms and I had to clean the bathroom but even washing down the walls and ceiling I couldn't get rid of the smell. It's still there today, Tuesday.

    My husband is from Jamaica and he said they would know who the American tourists were because they smelled like chemicals, especially their suitcases when they opened them up. Can you believe that?!

    I guess I could look at it that we're chemical detectors because others are fooled by the fragrance but you'll never get people to care about how many chemicals there are that are used everywhere, all the time!

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