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    Someone hit my parked truck 2 weeks ago (drunk driver). She has no insurance, i didn't at the time either because I had to shoose between 2 evils, having my power shut off or having the insurance lapse.

    Anyway, I have had to walk quite a bit, and the bus connections here are pretty bad. As time have passed I've just gotten worse and worse.

    After just a block, my legs turn into cement. I walk in slow motion, and I can't speed up even if I wanted to. If the weather is just 60 degrees with sunshine, I still react strongly (like if I had POTS)with a faint feeling and like there was no blood in my head. Even my arms hurt, and i don't even walk on them (LOL!).

    My doctor seem to feel that he can't diagnose me and gave me a referral to a Rheumy in Seattle (across the State). he is conserned about my BP, but din't change my meds, just asked me to check my pressure for asnother month and give him the results. Gee, what can that do to me, my veins are probably part of the problem from having high BP and 3 eclamptic pregnancies.

    I don't know if he is doing the right thing not giving me something different for my BP, but like with POTS (that it seems like I have) the pressure is normal when I sit or lay down (except when I'm in a flare). If he gives me something different it might go too low?

    Any way, I am in such a bad shape I feel like I can't take another step, I feel so sick while in upright position outside now when it's warming up. The feeling that my body shuts down when I walk is the most uncomfortable.

    Any advice, petting on the back or yelling (not today,,,please,,,LOL!)is welcome!

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    Thanks both of you!

    Ggiggi, your post made me all teary eyed, bless your heart for your words, they truly touched me.

    I have to post a longer reply later, I got all sniffely here, I can't think clearly then.



    You're right, I rub up close to fellow Euro-buddies, and I have a good friend in Germany, I'll better drop her a note soon!
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    Things have been ok today (as ok as they can be) since we suddenly got cloudy weather and cool. That helps me when I have to walk, the pump doesn't have to work so hard I'm sure.

    I have a lady from a church that have been pitching in here and there with small stuff. Most of all I want my truck back, but that won't happen anytime soon if at all, but little things like a ride here and there, and maybe a bus-pass for the lousy bus- lines here will help!

    My son is the spaciest little thing, i have to walk him to the school where he takes a bus to another school (hopeless system) or he would not arrive to the school until the day was over, if at all! LOL! he is a true artist nature, always somewhere else in his mind!

    Ggiggi, I didn't look for your post yet, are you up for a review? I guess I say no more until I've read it.

    I didn't think my replies meant much, I almost felt invincible here at times. I guess I'll put that crap aside and keep it up, LOL! Many hugs, and thanks for prairs for my situation. I'll keep you too in my prairs.

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    Anne C here. Did you ever look into the state thing for help with insurance for non insured claims? Did they track down the other driver?

    I am sorry about this. If you live in WA state, I was wondering if your doc could write a scrip for a rental scooter for you to get around on? One of those little electric sit on ones, Rascal I think they are called. It would not hurt to ask. I know Oregon used to do that, and WA is meant to have better medical cover than other states, but one never knows.

    As Mr Pres is there today, maybe you could tap him for a loan???(LOL)

    What is the concern with your BP BTW? That worries me as you are describing the pains. Are you very heavy? I was thinking of things that may help and all I can come up with is the scooter. Are you on Medicare? I saw an ad on tv that says it bills medicare for scooters.

    Well so sorry for all your troubles, are you using magnesium? That may help the leg and arm pains maybe? But you would have to check for compatability with other meds.

    I just checked where you live, Walla Walla-I like your onions from there-I lived in Sequim and Port Townsend and Bellingham for a few years-we have lived all over the place!!! Yes, that is a journey to Seattle-would Bellingham be any easier as I thought they had a good rheumy up there. I liked the Bellingham medical community attatched to St Josephs.

    Love Anne C
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    I never found anything that looked like something i could get. I am not sure if I looked in the right place, though.

    I am not very heavy, just the extra 20 pounds that came out of the blue at the same time as I got worse close to a year after my daughter was born.

    My BP doesn't go very high, but as soon as I stand up will will rise to the upper 90's diastolic. Tachycardia too, around 120 or above. I have always had a good pulse because of my athletic past, around 60.

    The trouble with my doc. is he won't diagnose me, he seem to want the rheumy to diagnose (this one accepts medicare, the ones around here don't), so I am sure he won't pitch in with any fancy assistance devices either. I stick to him just a little longer for the sake of the referral.

    His non- diagnosis causes alot of problems, he won't give DSHS any paperwork for my health problems because he doesn't have any "clinical evidence". That means in a sense that on paper I am "able to work", in reality I'm not.

    I stopped the cash assistance from them since I can't get my doc to give me an excuse from job activities to DSHS, so now I have to live on $460.00/ month in child support.
    It seems so wrong, "clinical evidence"? Can't he accept the symptoms I present, even if he can't/won't diagnose me?

    I think he is nibbeling on CFS, but he wan't the rheumy to do his stuff.

    If nothing else, the church is going to help me tow the truck to get an estimate, if the gal (got her name, tried to talk sense with her) won't act, I'll bring it to small claims. It will be better than nothing, unless i find something that you mentioned in your post.

    Many thanks for your support, it means so much to me.


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    When I get like that I rest, rest and then rest some more.
    I take cabs everywhere. I do not go out much, so it really is much cheaper than having a car. My legs feel so heavy sometimes that I have to sit. No choice.

    You rest up. My best advice.
    Stay off the feet. (Just my opinion).

  7. MamaR

    MamaR New Member do need a big ol'soft hug... and a gentle pat on the back.

    I haven't been around much lately. I haven't felt up to concentrating. I try to read the posts, but my eyes start to jump around.... then I get them focused and my behind starts to hurt! That is just when I try to sit here to read the posts.
    That is enough complaining to you. I feel like I have missed so much around here. I hope that this weekend is more relaxing to you.

    I pray that you get the truck situation worked out real soon. You need your truck. It made me tired just reading where you had to push yourself to walk so much.

    Try to rest.

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    Nyrofan, I try to lay down after I put my daughter to sleep, my son is pretty good on his own, that way I can be horizontal and just watch tv. Driving my truck was pretty cheap, small town, and I limit my errands to save.

    Oh, MamaR, bless your heart, it sure is no fun with all this health stuff.

    I just have to take this day by day, my daughter is too small to understand "mama needs to rest", and I can only slow down so much, there are things that needs to be done. The weekend will hopefully be event"less", no school to go to, shopping done, etc.

    Good things will come in it's own time, God knows I need my wheels.

    I hope things will be well with you.

    many hugs, and good to hear from you!